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Department of Psychological Sciences

Graduate Student Financial Support


Departmental Assistantships: Providing excellent opportunities for research experience or classroom teaching, a number of these awards are made each year on a competitive basis. They provide stipends for a nine-month period (contact the department for current stipend levels). Such assistantships require approximately 20 hours work a week, allow students to carry a normal load of 10 to 12 semester hours of course work a semester, and provide tuition remission and fee reductions.

Research Assistantships: These positions are comparable to departmental assistantships except they are funded out of individual staff member's grant or contract funds. The student is assigned to a particular staff member's research project, and all course loads and stipends are like those of departmental teaching assistants.

We recommend during the period of the assistantship students do not seek more than 10 hours work per week outside of their assistantship. This is to ensure that students can dedicate themselves to the duties of the assistantship and complete their graduate studies in a timely manner. Students are required to consult with their major advisor regarding outside employment whether or not they are a recipient of an assistantship.

Campus Assistantships: Students not supported by the Department of Psychology have often been successful in obtaining assistantships elsewhere on campus. For example, psychology students have been employed by the Affirmative Action Office, the Office of Student Activities and Services, the Division of Continuing Education, the Office of Admissions, Career and Employment Services, the Department of Management, the Department of Marketing and International Business, and Planning and Analysis.

Fees and Tuition

An incidental fee and other fees for the student health center, student union, and student activates are charged. As staff members, departmental or research assistants are charged in-state fees and tuition according to the number of semester hours carried. Teaching assistants receive a partial rebate of incidental fees and total tuition remission. Fees are subject to change without notice.


The university maintains modestly priced one- and two-bedroom apartments for married student and single parents. These are located close to the central campus. Residence halls are also available. Students who wish to apply for university housing should write to Housing and Dining Services soon after they are accepted into the program.