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Department of Psychological Sciences

Undergraduate Program Overview

Psychology is two things: It is both an academic discipline and a profession. In order to be a professional psychologist, one must receive advanced training; therefore, our undergraduate program in psychology does not train people to become professional psychologists. Although we offer to our best students the opportunity to earn credit by working in social service agencies, in industry, and in government settings, the professional training given here does not qualify these students to be professional psychologists.

We serve a diverse clientele. Most of our students (70-80 percent) seek employment immediately after graduation, and they are successful in a wide variety of settings: social services, business and industry, and government. The remaining students enter graduate or professional programs in psychology (clinical, industrial/organizational, experimental, school), social work, law, medicine, etc.

To meet the needs of this diverse clientele, our undergraduate major in psychology is designed to provide students majoring in psychology with a broad liberal arts education, an understanding of how psychologists study behavior, and what we have learned from these studies. The specific course requirements for a major in psychology are small enough that a number of students complete the requirements of a second major in our college or a second degree in another college.

Goals of the Undergraduate Program in Psychology

  1. To give the student, as a part of a general education, some familiarity with the principles, methods, and findings of psychology. This will provide valuable background for students preparing to work in a variety of professions or positions in medicine, law, theology, business, teaching, engineering, and other areas;
  2. To provide knowledge and skills requisite for advanced study in psychology at the graduate level;
  3. To provide academic work that will prepare the student to pursue a career as a bachelor's level psychological technician in either the social services or personnel fields.

Undergraduate Research

To learn about undergraduate research opportunities in the Department, please check out our video.