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Department of Psychological Sciences

Undergraduate Program Overview

The Psychology major offers a broad-based foundation for the study of psychology while providing our students flexibility and choice in their undergraduate experience. Students have an opportunity to learn about the complex and multifaceted aspects of thoughts and behaviors while being presented with many opportunities to participate in our department’s wealth of ongoing research. The major can be completed in little more than 30 credit hours allowing our students to explore double majors, minors, and even dual degrees. A degree in Psychology is often chosen by students who are interested in pursuing careers in research, therapy, human services, or a variety of careers that only require a bachelor’s degree.

Psychology Major and Career Possibilities

The Psychology major allows our students to examine the fundamentals of the field of psychology. Our students complete their undergraduate education with either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Here are just a few possible careers:

  • Human Services Manager
  • Mental Health Technician
  • Police and Law Enforcement Officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Life Skills Specialist
  • Victim Advocate
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Case Manager
  • Account Executive

Additionally, many of our students continue their education into graduate school focusing on a wide variety of disciplines both inside the field of psychology and out. Some of those include:

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Industrial/ Organization Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Medical School
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Law School
  • Physical Therapy

Psychology Satisfaction

Not all jobs are created equally. Some jobs have a higher pay relative to others, however salary may not reflect other factors like overall job satisfaction. The graph below illustrates how Psychology measures against other fields in both salary and satisfaction.

You can also visit our undergraduate Careers Page for more information.

Also, check out these informative websites:

American Psychological Association's information on jobs for Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

O*Net Online Resource for occupations in Psychology.

Career Profiles for jobs for those with bachelor's degrees in Psychology.

Core Course Selection

Psychology is a dynamic discipline with a variety of unique areas of specialization that stem from a firm foundation. The undergraduate degree program provides our students with the core education each psychology student needs to be successful while allowing them to explore areas of specialization.

PSYCH 110-General Psychology
PSYCH 500-Junior Seminar in Psychology (Fall)
STAT 325-Intro to Statistics
PSYCH 350-Experimental Methods in Psychology
PSYCH 351-Experimental Methods Laboratory

 Students choose two (2) of the following courses after completing PSYCH 350:

PSYCH 460-Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 470-Psychobiology (PR: BIOL 198)
PSYCH 475-Principles of Learning
PSYCH 480-Fundamentals of Perception and Sensation

Students also choose one (1) of the following courses after completing PSYCH 350:

PSYCH 605-Advanced Social Psychology
PSYCH 620-Psychology of Personality

Students also complete twelve (12) hours of Psychology electives of their choice. Those hours can also be used to select an area of specialization.

Areas of Specialization

The courses presented in these specializations represent possible course combinations for students who may be interested in a specific area of psychology. The titles featured below do not represent degree designations.

Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience studies the organic brain and how it changes relative to behavior, stimuli, abnormalities, and changes over time.

PSYCH 202-Drugs and Behavior
PSYCH 370-Brain and Behavior
PSYCH 470-Psychobiology
PSYCH 570-Psychopharmacology
PSYCH 599-Problems in Psychology
PSYCH 630-Human Neuropsychology


Cognitive Psychology studies mental processes like thinking, memory, learning, and perception.

PSYCH 370-Brain and Behavior
PSYCH 425-Judgement and Decision Making
PSYCH 460-Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 480-Fundamentals of Perception and Sensation
PSYCH 599-Problems in Psychology
PSYCH 775-History of Current Trends

Industrial/ Organizational

Industrial-Organizational Psychology studies human behavior in the workplace and organizations and how to solve problems in each.

PSYCH 515-Psychology Applied to Work
PSYCH 559-Psychological Testing
PSYCH 560-Industrial Psychology
PSYCH 564-Psychology of Organizations
PSYCH 565-Occupational Health Psychology 
PSYCH 599-Problems in Psychology


Social Psychology studies as aspects of behavior of an individual in a social context

PSYCH 520-Life Span Development
PSYCH 530-Psychology of Mass Communication
PSYCH 535-Social Psychology
PSYCH 599-Problems in Psychology
PSYCH 605-Advanced Social Psychology
PSYCH 620-Psychology of Personality


Clinical Psychology studies mental illness and disability relative to diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions.

PSYCH 505-Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 559-Psychological Testing
PSYCH 585-Basic Concepts in Clinical Psychology
PSYCH 586-Laboratory in Clinical Concepts
PSYCH 587-Field Placement
PSYCH 599-Problems in Psychology

Undergraduate Advising

The Psychological Sciences department shares K-State’s passion for student success. Our department has a dedicated faculty and staff to ensure our students' needs are met. One of the key components to students' success is effective and timely advising. Psychological Sciences has two enthusiastic and knowledgeable advisers who help our students through the entire process of their undergraduate education in psychology.

Sarah 2

Sarah Buchanan

Jason 2

Jason Walls

Academic Advising Syllabus

Meet Our Undergraduate Alumni

The K-State Department of Psychological Sciences is proud of all of our alumni. In this section, we would like to introduce you to some of our Alumni Advisory Council that earned their undergraduate degrees from K-State. They represent a wide variety of career choices one can make with a Psychology degree!

Mr. Milt Ahlerich (BS 1968)
President, Ahlerich Consulting Group, Alexandria, VA

Ms. Gail Antenen (BS 1980)
Court Services Officer
State of Kansas, Ness City, KS

Ms. Regina Barker (BS 1986)
Regional Process Lead, Global HR Operations
Cargill, Minneapolis, MN

Ms. Lindsey Firebaugh Bock (BS 2004)

Mr. Thomas Clark (BS 1971)
Executive in Residence, KSU College of Business

Mr. William Conaway (BS 1990)
Dignity Health, Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Richard Felton (BS 1976)
East Cleveland (Ohio) City Schools

Ms. Janet Biggs Gee (BS 1976)
KSDE Licensed Psychologist
Stafford, KS

Ms. DeKeta Nicholson Schuckman (BS 1984)
Partner, Nicholson Ventures
Dodge City, KS

Ms. Lisa Way (BS 1993)
Senior Director, Commitment Management
Granger; Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Psychological Sciences department at Kansas State University is dedicated to a variety of research areas. Our undergraduates have a unique opportunity to work alongside our faculty and graduate students while employing the skills they have learned in the classroom.

Undergraduate Research Profiles

The undergraduate students who participate in the Psychological Sciences department's research opportunities learn more than just how to gather data. Students learn key skills in professional development for later in their careers. Our students develop Undergraduate Research Profiles that allow them to share their experience with other students and professionals in the field.