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Department of Psychological Sciences


Social-Personality Faculty and their Research Interests

Dr. Laura Brannon’s recent research interests include: (a) applied persuasion research in domains such as health and consumer behavior, (b) compliance with medical recommendations, and (c) cognitive factors mediating the effectiveness of persuasion techniques.

Laura Brannon (e-mail: lbrannon@ksu.edu)


Dr. Donald Saucier’s research interests include: (a) the measurement and reduction of prejudice, (b) the examination of attitudes toward social and political policy issues potentially related to prejudice (e.g., hate crime legislation, affirmative action, same-sex marriage), and (c) the individual differences related to resistance to persuasion and attitude challenges (e.g., social vigilantism).

Donald Saucier (phone: 785-532-6881, e-mail: saucier@ksu.edu)