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Department of Psychological Sciences


Social-Personality Faculty and their Research Interests

Dr. Mark Barnett’s recent research interests include: (a) antisocial and prosocial teasing in children, (b) children’s reactions to peers with various undesirable characteristics, and (c) children's and adults' willingness to engage in various minor moral and legal violations.

Mark Barnett (phone: 785-532-0603, e-mail: barn@ksu.edu)


Dr. Laura Brannon’s recent research interests include: (a) applied persuasion research in domains such as health and consumer behavior, (b) compliance with medical recommendations, and (c) cognitive factors mediating the effectiveness of persuasion techniques.

Laura Brannon (e-mail: lbrannon@ksu.edu)


Dr. Donald Saucier’s research interests include: (a) the measurement and reduction of prejudice, (b) the examination of attitudes toward social and political policy issues potentially related to prejudice (e.g., hate crime legislation, affirmative action, same-sex marriage), and (c) the individual differences related to resistance to persuasion and attitude challenges (e.g., social vigilantism).

Donald Saucier (phone: 785-532-6881, e-mail: saucier@ksu.edu)