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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

About Our Services

Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services (NTVSS) provides assistance and advocacy for students before, during, and after their admission to Kansas State.  Staff members assist students in obtaining information and/or providing referrals in many areas including:

If you would like to visit with us regarding any of the above mentioned topics, or about any other questions or concerns, please contact us to schedule an appointment or stop by the office at 1 Holton Hall. 


Non-Traditional Student Demographics

As a non-traditional student, you are part of a growing population of students at K-State. In the Fall of 2014, 23.0% of K-State students (graduate and undergraduate) were non-traditional:

Undergraduate students

1,814 students 25 to 39 years of age
311 students 40 to 59
9 students 60+

274 under 25 years and married

Graduate students

2,565 students 25 to 39

624 students 40 to 59

37 students 60+
66 under 25 years and married

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