Admissions Information

Undergraduate Admissions

You can visit the Admissions web page or contact the Non-Traditional Student Services office for general student information or make an appointment to discuss entering or re-entering the university.

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Admissions Requirements

There are several different ways to be admitted to Kansas State University including:

  • Freshman
  • Transfer
  • High School Concurrent
  • Returning/Re-admitted
  • International
  • Online/Distance
  • Special and non-degree seeking

Advising for undergraduate students

Advisors are faculty and staff members who provide students with information regarding classes and academic requirements. They also make recommendations pertaining to course work and/or individual programs of study.

Each student is responsible for completing the requirements and meeting the standards of any course and program in which he/she is enrolled.

At the time of your first enrollment, your department assigns you an advisor. The advisors have different schedules and responsibilities. Check on your advisor's office hours, preference for appointments, e-mails, walk-in scheduling, etc. It is highly recommended that you keep in touch with your advisor and inform them of all educational issues or challenges you may be experiencing as a college student.

Changing advisors

If you do not get along well with your advisor or find your schedules do not work, you may request a new advisor. Make an appointment with the department in which you are enrolled. Discuss your concerns and ideas and select another advisor.

Graduate Admissions

Once you've made the decision to apply for graduate school, the Non-Traditional Student Services office is there to help you make a smooth transition. Adjusting to graduate school can be one of the toughest challenges of any academic career.

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Graduate Teaching and Research Opportunities

Individual departments and graduate programs administer graduate aid primarily in the form of teaching and research assistantships which are awarded on a competitive basis. Teaching assistants are appointed by most departments to offer instruction or instructional support in lower level undergraduate courses. These graduate students have opportunities lead discussion groups in conjunction with large lecture courses, or to teach laboratory sections in scientific and technical disciplines. To learn more about these opportunities contact the Graduate School.

Programs You May Want to Consider

Academic Fresh Start

The Academic Fresh Start Policy enables an undergraduate student to neutralize, in part, the grade impact of prior academic performance. Academic Fresh Start provide for the computation of an alternative GPA and for the use of that GPA in most academic situations. A student may apply only once to Academic Fresh Start or Academic Forgiveness, and the process cannot be reversed. A student may not apply for either policy until he or she has been reinstated into his or her college. To view more information on this policy visit their website.

PILOTS Program

Pilots is a year-long freshman retention program that provides academic structure, offers individual attention, and assists students in making a strong connection to the campus community. Non-Traditional students are welcome to speak with their advisor or Rebecca Paz, Coordinator to determine if they would qualify for this program.

To see further information on programs visit K-State First.

Residency Consideration

The Kansas Legislature statutes determine the residential status for all Regents’ system schools. K-State guidelines for the determination for resident tuition are found on page 21 of the Undergraduate Catalog. If you have any questions about your resident status (that determines whether you pay in-state or out-of-state tuition) contact Admissions (785-532-6250).

Opportunities for Additional Credits

Explore Your Options

Any student who is enrolled at K-State is eligible to gain undergraduate credit by taking examinations (payment is generally required for these credits), or receiving credit for previous transfer work (if the transfer credits are accepted by your department).


If you already have knowledge comparable to that gained by taking a registered K-State course you should inquire to see if there is a "quiz-out" option. You can do this by contacting and requesting consent from the department that offers credit for the subject.

Credit by Examination

The Office of Admissions provides the list of courses offered under the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the DANTES tests. These are part-day tests for which credit will be granted if you obtain the required score. Tests are given at the Academic Assistance Center (101 Holton Hall). There is a fee for each examination. Call 785-532-6492 or stop by 101 Holton Hall for information and to arrange for a testing appointment.

International Language

The Department of Modern Languages offers an opportunity to gain credit hours for individuals who have had extensive experience in an international language. Talk to faculty within the Department of Modern Languages. A student may be able to take a special exam. Also, by enrolling and successfully completing a level III or IV course, it may be possible to gain credit hours for the lower level courses.

Military Service

Service in the military may be equivalent to credit hours. Obtain a military evaluation form from the Office of Admissions, 119 Anderson Hall or Non-Traditional Student Services, 101 Holton Hall.

Transfer credits

College courses taken elsewhere, even years ago, may apply toward your degree program. Have an official transcript from each college attended sent directly to the Office of Admissions, 119 Anderson Hall, so they can analyze your transcript(s). The Admissions Office forwards your transcripts to the dean of your intended college so staff can evaluate your credits and apply them to your chosen degree.