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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

K-State Scholarships

The first step in obtaining a K-State scholarship is to apply. You can apply for most K-State scholarships with one application.

New students apply by November 1
Continuing and transfer students apply by February 1

Scholarship Application

Remember, what you put on the application may be the only information about you that a scholarship committee will see, so be sure to check it very carefully before you send it off.

Also, If you are a non-traditional student, be sure to check the box next to "I am an adult, nontraditional undergraduate" on screen 4 of the online scholarship application. This check-off box appears under the "general" heading on the scholarship list.

Once you have completed the scholarship application, you will need to provide our office with a one page essay (double or single spaced, 1 in margins, APA or MLA format).  The requirements for this essay include:

Heading at the Top of Page: Name, Address, Wildcat Id, Enrollment Status (Full or Part Time), Family Size (how many adults and children live in your household)

Body of essay should include 3 paragraphs: (1) your academic and career goals and your plans toward achieving them, (2) information regarding your financial need (ex. dependents to care for, short on funds, spouse/significant other currently deployed, etc.), and (3) any unique circumstances/obstacles you may be facing (ex. recently unemployed, returning to school after extended period of time, medical circumstances, etc.)

Once you have completed the essay, you can send the information to:

Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services (NTVSS)
201 Holton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


See What Opportunities Await You!

The following list has been generated to be a helpful resource. Note: this list is not exhaustive.  Time spent using search engines can also be quite beneficial. Additionally, most departments/colleges have scholarship funds.  Be sure to check with your department/college about additional resources, eligibility, and requirements.

K-State and Local Scholarships for Non-Traditional Students

Military and Veteran Scholarships as well as Military Dependent Scholarship Opportunities

Women's Scholarships

K-State and local scholarship search resources

Scholarship application tips
College of Arts and Sciences scholarship website
Scholarship Scams

K-State Nationally Competitive Scholarships Office


The Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships assists K-State students as they apply for highly competitive national and international scholarships (such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, and Fulbright).  Most national scholarship require a high GPA to be competitive. If you do have a 3.5+ GPA, we encourage you to explore the website and make an appointment to talk with Jim Hohenbary about possible competitive scholarship opportunities

Jim Hohenbary, Director
215 Fairchild Hall

Scholarship Resources as prepared by K-State Nationally Competitive Scholarship Office.

Kansas Resources

Scholarship Resource Book for Kansas Residents (In Print Only) 
Directory of Kansas Foundations: updated annually (In Print Only) 
Kansas Board of Regents