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Kansas State University
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We've got your back

Academics at K-StateK-State offers many academic support services so that every student can succeed. Your dreams are in good hands. 

Academic services

You're not on your own at K-State. Faculty, staff and students are always here for you, providing personalized support.

Study with free tutors, participate in programs for first-year students, or get advice from your personal mentor or academic advisor. You can even read a book with the entire K-State family. Powercat Financial also offers free information to students on topics such as budgeting, student loan management and credit use. 


We have challenging academic programs that fit your brainpower, talent and drive. K-State helps students launch promising careers, attend prestigious graduate schools and develop their research interests.

The University Honors Program allows you to study hot topics and work alongside top professors.

Nontraditional and military students

Being a Veteran at K-StateWe have offices dedicated to supporting nontraditional students, veterans and military students.

The university's military-inclusive environment led both Military Advanced Education and G.I. Jobs magazines to call K-State one of the nation's best.

Disability support

We provide equal educational opportunity and access to all of our students. Student Access Center provides accommodations and services to ensure your individual needs are met.