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Academic Achievement Center

Academic Achievement Center
101 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


Tutoring Services

Holtz Hall
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Graduate Student Resources

At the AAC, we strive to engage, equip and empower students to be academically and personally successful. Our services, such as Academic Coaching and the Office of First-Generation students are free and open to all students, including graduate students! 

Check out each of our graduate student offerings below to get connected or email us achievement@ksu.edu if you have any questions!


Academic Coaching

No matter where you are at in your educational journey, Academic Coaching can help you analyze and adjust your graduate school practices and create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. Academic coaching can support graduate students with: 

  • Balancing scholarly, teaching, or professional expectations
  • Finding and managing motivation
  • Developing strategies and tools to support coursework, dissertation, and professional responsibilities
  • Navigating graduate school expectations  

We can be your partners when navigating this uncharted territory and want to support your graduate education!

To schedule an appointment use Navigate, and these steps:

  1. Log into Navigate
  2. On the left menu select select "appointments"
  3. Click "Schedule an Appointment"
  4. In the first drop down select "Academic Coaching"
  5. Select "Coaching for Graduate Students"
  6. Pick a date and find an available time
  7. Confirm final details and click "Schedule" at the bottom of your screen


Academic Success Tools

Ready to get started right away? You can test out any of these Academic Success Tools designed for graduate students to manage your workload and graduate school expectations! 

You can also check out a full list of our Academic Success Tools here


Office of First-generation Students

The Office of First-generation Students supports first-generation students by creating a sense of belonging and connecting them to campus resources. You are a first-generation college student if neither of your parents or guardians graduated from a four-year university. You are first-generation even if you have older siblings or other family members who went to college. 

Here are a few great ways to get connected:  
  • Check out the first-gen website for upcoming events 
  • Visit the first-gen student lounge located in Holtz Hall for a quiet place to study or hang out with friends 
  • Sign up to be mentored by a first-gen faculty member or to serve as a mentor to first-generation undergraduate students  
  • Contact the Office of First-generation Students at firstgen@ksu.edu for more information and ways to get involved. 


Additional Resources

K-State strives to support all students and ensure they have resources available to help them reach their goals! Check out these campus resources that can support you during your graduate school experience.