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Kimberly Dierks' Scholarship for Tutors of Distinction

Kim Dierks, previous Managing Director of Tutoring Services who retired in 2017, was an integral part of the Academic Achievement Center for over 14 years. She created a service where all students are welcome and developed fantastic teams of student leaders. She provided students with opportunities for leadership, growth, and achievement.

Kim continues to demonstrate her strong commitment to valuing student success and honoring the work of student tutors through the generous gift made to fund the Kimberly Dierks' Scholarship for Tutors of Distinction.

To be eligible for consideration, you must:

  • have sophomore, junior, or senior standing (Freshmen and Graduate students are not eligible)
  • be employed as a tutor with the Academic Achievement Center
  • have academic merit 

Past Award Recipients:

Spring 2021: Olivia Persigehl

Olivia Persigehl, a senior in Human Health Biology, has been a peer tutor for the Academic Achievement Center since Fall 2018. Persigehl has spent over 200 hours tutoring K-State students in Biology courses.

When asked about tutoring, Olivia responded by saying, “The best part of being a tutor is helping students succeed! I love being able to help students grow and develop skills for their futures.”

Fall 2020: Madelyn Turner

Madelyn Turner, a junior in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Math, has been a peer tutor for the Academic Achievement Center since Spring 2020. Madelyn spent over 130 hours tutoring K-State students in Chemistry courses.

When asked about tutoring, Madelyn responded by saying, “My goal with my tutees is to help them understand the ideas and concepts that they don't know while also highlighting just how much they DO know. They know a lot more than they give themselves credit for and through encouragement and guiding questions, most of my tutees leave with a lot more confidence in their knowledge and abilities. That is the reason I do this. Seeing the look on their face when they can finally understand a chemistry problem they thought was impossible all on their own.”