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Academic Achievement Center

Academic Achievement Center
101 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


Tutoring Services

Holtz Hall
1005 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


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Meet the Team

Stephanie Bannister Headshot
 Stephanie J. Bannister (She/Her)

 Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success

Responsibility • Empathy • Relator • Learner • Achiever

 Holton Hall 102    sbann@ksu.edu    First-gen ally

  More about Stephanie


B.A. Mass Communications - Fort Hays State University

M.S. Higher Education Administration - University of Kansas

PhD Philosophy, Counseling and Student Personnel - Kansas State University

Professional Interests

"My favorite part of the work we do is watching our mission as a land-grant institution come to life! We pour into each and every student so that no matter their career choice or where the land they feel equipped and empowered to invest in those around them."

Personal Interests
Stephanie is an avid lawn mowing enthusiast, wannabe fitness fanatic, lover of all things Kansas and part-time graduate faculty at K-state.
RJ Youngblood Headshot
 RJ Youngblood (She/Her)

 Assistant Director, Academic Achievement Center

 Strategic • Intellection • Individualization • Achiever • Learner

 Holton Hall 101D     youngblood@ksu.edu     First-gen graduate

 More about RJ


B.A. English - University of Central Florida

M.A. English - Florida Gulf Coast University

Doctoral Candidate Leadership Communication - Kansas State University

Professional Interests

"Attending K-State brings great opportunity to learn, develop, and achieve personal and professional goals. We all have an obligation to ensure each student has the opportunity to thrive. It is essential of us all to constantly evaluate how we contribute to a learning community that is equitable and inclusive."

Personal Interests

RJ loves triathlons, traveling, and being near the ocean. In the community, RJ enjoys participating in advocacy work for safe and equitable active transportation infrastructure and advancing a healthy community for girls as a board member for Girls on the Run of the Flint Hills.

Kiley Moody Headshot
 Kiley Moody (She/Her)

 Managing Director, Scholar Services

 Achiever • Developer • Harmony • Learner • Empathy

 Holton Hall 101H       kmoody@ksu.edu      First-gen graduate


 More about Kiley


B.S. Criminal Justice - Fort Hays State University

M.S. College Student Personnel Administration - University of Central Missouri

Academic Advising Certificate - Kansas State University

Dialogue, Deliberation, Public Engagement Certificate- Kansas State University

Doctoral Candidate Leadership Communication - Kansas State University

Professional Interests

"I truly enjoy working in the Academic Achievement Center because everyone is student focused and puts students first."

Personal Interests

Kiley enjoys working out, playing and watching sports, traveling and reading. She loves spending time with her family and meeting new people.

Luke Matulewicz Headshot

 Luke Matulewicz (He/Him)

 Managing Director, Tutoring Services

 Input • Learner • Connectedness • Individualization • Ideation

 Holtz Hall 103      lmatulewicz@ksu.edu     First-gen ally

More about Luke


B.A. Religious Studies - Calument College of St. Joseph

B.S. Psychology - Calument College of St. Joseph

M.S.Ed. Higher Education Administration - University of Dayton

Professional Interests

"There's something special about watching people finally grasp what they've been struggling to understand."

Personal Interests

Luke enjoys grilling and smoking on his alley-found Weber grill, exploring new areas and playing board games with friends. He collects all things Luke Skywalker and will debate anyone on Star Wars controversies. Luke also makes incredible chili and is the reigning champion of the AAC Chili Cookoff.

Rebeca Paz Headshot
 Rebeca Paz (She/Her)

 Assistant Director, Office of First-generation Students

 Empathy • Includer • Positivity • Communication • Achiever

 Holtz Hall 101C      rpaz@ksu.edu     First-gen graduate


More about Rebeca


B.S. Business Administration - College of the Ozarks

M.S. Counseling - Missouri State University

Professional Interests

"I love my job because I have the opportunity to help students succeed. I learn so much from them and they enrich my life."

Person Interests

Rebeca enjoys traveling because it helps her learn about other cultures. Her other interests include reading and walking.

Jess Kerr Headshot

 Jess Kerr (She/Her)

 Managing Director & Academic Coach, Academic Coaching Program

 Activator • Input • Command • WOO • Communication

 Holton Hall 101C     jpkerr@ksu.edu     First-gen ally


 More about Jess


B.S. English and Education - University of Illinois at Chicago

M.S. Curriculum and Instruction - Kansas State University

Doctoral student Leadership Communication - Kansas State University

Professional Interests
"Higher learning is really a process of self-authoring. I always appreciate the opportunity to connect with students, hear their personal stories, and support them as they grow through challenges on their path towards study and transformation."
Personal Interests

Jess is a community organizer, murals buddy and fried chicken sandwich enthusiast.

Allison DuLac Headshot

 Allison DuLac (She/Her)

 Academic Coach

 Harmony • Maximizer • Learner • Analytical • Intellection

 Holton Hall 101E     adulac@ksu.edu     First-gen ally

 More about Allison


B.S. Family Studies and Human Services - Kansas State University

M.S. Counseling and Student Development - Kansas State University

Professional Interests

"My favorite part about working with students is hearing their stories and watching them grow. It is exciting to see a student develop and discover themselves during their college years, and I enjoy supporting them through the process."

Personal Interests

Allison is a learner at heart! She has learned to crochet, make a quilt, solve a rubics cube, and she tries out new recipes. The puzzle of doing something new brings out her energy.

Kaylie Towles Headshot
 Kaylie Towles (She/Her)

 Academic Coach

 Maximizer • Empathy • Strategic • Relator • Arranger 

 Holton Hall 101F     ketowles@ksu.edu     First-gen graduate

 More about Kaylie


B.S. Organizational Leadership - Fort Hays State University

M.S. Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education - Texas A&M University

Professional Interests

"My favorite part about working in student success is the moment students realize their own potential and run with it. I love created positive intentional impact for each student that walks through the door."

Personal Interests

In her free time, Kaylie enjoys working on pottery and spending time at the lake.

Shana Bender Headshot
 Shana Bender (She/Her)

 Academic Coach

 Input • Empathy • Harmony • Responsibility • Intellection 

 Holton Hall 101B      srbender1@ksu.edu     First-gen ally

 More about Shana


B.S. Theatre Education - Illinois State University

M.Ed. Special Education - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professional Interests

"It's exciting to see students go beyond what they believe they are capable of achieving. The words we speak to ourselves have the power to transform and uplift, and I love sharing that encouragement and persistence with all the students I meet."

Personal Interests
Shana is a community organizer, Smithsonian magazine reader and avid traveler. She likes to think about human behavior and how that impacts our decisions. She also enjoys practicing her Spanish language skills.

Graduate Assistants

Headshot of Megan

Megan Bahns (She/Her)

Scholar Services, Graduate Assistant

Learner • Context • Input • Responsibility • Arranger

Holtz Hall 101A     bahnsma@ksu.edu     First-gen ally

Headshot of Brandon

Brandon Browning (He/Him)

Academic Coaching, Graduate Assistant

Input • DeliverativeIntellectionLearnerRestorative

Holton Hall 101     bbrowning@ksu.edu    First-gen ally
Headshot of Regan

Regan Headrick (She/Her)

Academic Coaching, Graduate Assistant

Input • Achiever • Intellection • Consistency • Includer

Holton Hall 101     regan16@ksu.edu      First-gen ally

Julie Headshot

Julie Kehr (She/Her)

SPARK, Graduate Assistant

Individualization • Activator • Restorative • Empathy • Futuristic

Holton Hall 101     juliekehr@ksu.edu       First-gen ally

Katie Klaassen

Katie Klaassen (She/Her)

Academic Coaching, Graduate Assistant

Harmony • Restorative • Empathy • Responsibility • Consistency

Holton Hall 101   klaassenka@ksu.edu      First-gen ally

Carlee Lomenick

Carlee Lomenick (She/Her)

Academic Achievement Center, Graduate Assistant

Empathy • Developer • Connectedness • Individualization • Restorative

Holton Hall 101    clomenick@ksu.edu     First-gen ally

Karim Majed Headshot

Karim Majed (He/Him)

Office of First-generation Students, Graduate Assistant

Connectedness • Adaptable • Analytical • Learner • Innovative

Holtz Hall 101A     kmajed@ksu.edu       First-gen ally
Calli Simpson headshot

Calli Simpson (She/Her)

Tutoring Services, Graduate Assistant

Discipline • Consistency • Empathy • Achiever • Harmony

Holtz Hall 105     callisimpson@ksu.edu       First-gen ally