Meet the Team

Stephanie Bannister

Stephanie J. Bannister (She/Her)

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success

Responsibility • Empathy • Relator • Learner • Achiever

Holton Hall 102 First-gen ally


RJ Youngblood

RJ Youngblood (She/Her)

Assistant Director, Academic Achievement Center

Strategic • Intellection • Individualization • Achiever • Learner

Holton Hall 101D First-gen graduate


Kiley Moody

Kiley Moody (She/Her)

Managing Director, Scholar Services

Achiever • Developer • Harmony • Learner • Empathy

Holton Hall 101H First-gen graduate


Luke Matulewicz

Luke Matulewicz (He/Him)

Managing Director, Tutoring Services

Input • Learner • Connectedness • Individualization • Ideation

Holtz Hall 103 First-gen ally


Rebeca Paz

Rebeca Paz (She/Her)

Assistant Director, Office of First-generation Students

Empathy • Includer • Positivity • Communication • Achiever

Holtz Hall 101C First-gen graduate


Jess Kerr

Jess Kerr (She/Her)

Managing Director & Academic Coach, Academic Coaching Program

Activator • Input • Command • WOO • Communication

Holton Hall 101C First-gen ally


Allison DuLac

Allison DuLac (She/Her)

Academic Coach

Harmony • Maximizer • Learner • Analytical • Intellection

Holton Hall 101E First-gen ally


Kaylie Towles

Kaylie Towles (She/Her)

Academic Coach

Maximizer • Empathy • Strategic • Relator • Arranger

Holton Hall 101F First-gen graduate


Shana Bender

Shana Bender (She/Her)

Academic Coach

Input • Empathy • Harmony • Responsibility • Intellection

Holton Hall 101B First-gen ally



Graduate Assistants

Headshot of Megan


Megan Bahns (She/Her)

Scholar Services, Graduate Assistant

Learner • Context • Input • Responsibility • Arranger

Holtz Hall 101A First-gen ally


Headshot of Brandon


Brandon Browning (He/Him)

Academic Coaching, Graduate Assistant

Input • Deliverative • Intellection • Learner • Restorative

Holton Hall 101 First-gen ally
Headshot of Regan


Regan Headrick (She/Her)

Academic Coaching, Graduate Assistant

Input • Achiever • Intellection • Consistency • Includer

Holton Hall 101 First-gen ally




Julie Kehr (She/Her)

SPARK, Graduate Assistant

Individualization • Activator • Restorative • Empathy • Futuristic

Holton Hall 101 First-gen ally

Karim Majed

Karim Majed (He/Him)

Office of First-generation Students, Graduate Assistant

Connectedness • Adaptable • Analytical • Learner • Innovative

Holtz Hall 101A First-gen ally
Calli Simpson


Calli Simpson (She/Her)

Tutoring Services, Graduate Assistant

Discipline • Consistency • Empathy • Achiever • Harmony

Holtz Hall 105 First-gen ally