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Academic Success Tools

Success tools are designed to be additional support for navigating your life as a K-State student. You can use any of the tools to help you through a challenge and adapt them based on your needs. Each success tool has directions for use at the top. 

Looking for additional support?

No worries, we are here to help. Here are some additional options:

Ready to get started? 

Get started with some of our general academic success tools that will help you set your goals, make a plan, and organize your semester. 

General academic success tools

Starter packs

Ready to level up in a certain academic skill? Sometimes the answer is in more than just one tool. Below are some starter packs that combine several tools to help you build your expertise in that area. 

Looking for specific support? Each of these success tools are meant to help you build your skills in a certain area. 

Time management 

Time management in college is key! A tool can help you track your course progress, complete tasks, and manage stress. 



Communication impacts so many areas of your life at K-State! These tools help you make the most of connections with faculty, staff, and students.  


Reading and note-taking

Reading and note-taking are foundational skills for learning new information. Try out one these tools to help you level up in these areas.  


Study and test-taking

Studying and test-taking are skills all college students use at some point or another. These tools can help you tackle your next exam! 



Your grade point average (GPA) is your academic health-indicator. Use these tools to help you calculate or strategically improve your GPA.



We all need motivation in order to make progress on our goals! These success tools can help you understand and manage your motivation. 


Community Building

Looking for a campus community to get involved in? We know that engagement and having a sense of belonging can really impact your student success. 


Finals prep

Final exams are the bookend to your semester. These tools are designed to help you make a plan and get ready for your finals.

If you experience any difficulty accessing or using any of our Academic Success Tools, please contact achievement@ksu.edu.