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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a free student success resource, available to all K-State students, to help you thrive during your time at K-State. This individualized resource equips you with the resources and tools you need to navigate your college classes. You can meet with an Academic Coach in person or virtually. Most students meet with an Academic Coach for support on time management, study skills, and reaching academic goals. Your Academic Coach can help you discover what areas are most important to you. 

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Benefits of Academic Coaching

Students have found that Academic Coaching is helpful to set and reach goals, keep them accountable, and decrease their overall academic stress. Coaches provide skill building support and collaborative approaches to problem solving through rich conversations to help guide students to success.  

“I learned how to understand myself better and how to be more productive throughout the day.” 

 “It has really helped me out. The amount of stress is not comparable to what I used to have.”  

“I feel like it helped me figure out how to think through things on my own. I just had the training wheels to start out with that and I thought that was really helpful.” 

What to expect

During your first meeting, you and your Academic Coach will work collaboratively to set goals for the semester, discuss your current strengths and challenges, and develop a plan to help you reach your goal.  

After the first meeting, you and your coach will determine how frequently you should meet in order to reach your goals! Follow up meetings are designed to help keep you on track and discuss any challenges you are experiencing. Typically, students will meet with an Academic Coach about once a month.  

Academic Coaches and Academic Advisors

Academic Coaches meet with students to help answer questions and create an individualized strategy for success. The Coaches strive to be available when students need them and can help students work through events that may affect their academic experience at K-State.

Academic Advisors are assigned to students based upon their major. Academic Advisors meet with students at least once per semester to provide information on class selection, major requirements, and degree completion.


Already met with an Academic Coach? We would love to hear your experience on our feedback form!