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2025 Visionary Plan

As K-State's 2025 strategic plan comes to a close, our strategic planning efforts continue as Next-Gen K-State. See the latest updates on the Next-Gen K-State website.

Update for the K-State 2025 University Plan

The K-State community is engaging in an initiative to update the K-State 2025 university plan during 2017. Learn more about the effort and how you can help by sharing your suggestions and ideas for changes using our online survey. 

Phase 1: Communicate process for updating K-State 2025 plan

A letter from President Myers communicating the process for the plan update will be distributed through K-State Today.

Letter from the President: 2025 progress and update, March 29, 2017

Phase 2: Seek online suggestions for changes to the university plan

An online survey will be available to the K-State community and general public on the K-State 2025 website from late March through mid-May. The focus of the survey will be on suggested changes to the current plan's activities and outcomes by theme and time period (2017-2020 and 2021-2025). Questions will be targeted to what's missing from the plan and should be added, what is in the plan that is no longer needed, and general comments and suggestions for change. 

Provide your suggestions and ideas

Survey available through May 19, 2017.

Phase 3: Compile and share online comments/feedback

View feedback from the spring survey.

A letter from President Richard Myers, August 22, 2017

Kansas State University President Richard Myers welcomes all new and returning faculty and staff and shares updates about the university.

Phase 4: Form committee and draft revised plan

The President will appoint a university committee including faculty, staff, students, administrators, and alumni to draft the updated plan using a facilitated process, consistent with the original K-State 2025 committees.

Phase 5: Collect feedback on updated plan

The updated plan will be shared for online feedback from the K-State community and general public.

Phase 6:  Finalize and roll out the updated K-State 2025 Visionary Plan

The updated visionary plan will be finalized, published and featured on the 2025 website by Spring 2018. Appropriate publicity materials will be used to highlight updated plan.

The Visionary Plan Update Process

  • Communicate update process

    March 2017

  • Seek online suggestions

    March-May 2017

  • Compile and share feedback

    May-August 2017

  • Form committee

    November-December 2017

  • Draft revised plan

    January-March 2018

  • Collect feedback on revised plan

    March 2018

  • Rollout updated plan

    April 2018