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Frequently Asked Questions

for Administrative Staff

  • DONE About KSIS - fix formatting for list numbers and spacing
  • DONE Advising - move to Advisor FAQ and Faculty FAQ
  • DONE Class Rosters - keep
  • DONE Class/Course Prerequisites - Keep
  • DONE Curriculum Management - keep
  • DONE Enrollment - keep
  • LINKED Grading - Keep.  need to point the links in article to the current pdf for KSIS grade submission.  Check the old site for correct file name.
  • LINKED  Reporting - keep.  links need to be updated for the reports.  Also, may not need to redirect customers to KSIS help since they are already on the site.
  • DONE Requesting Access - need to connect this link to the Getting Access pages. 
  • DONE Setting User Defaults - Keep.  If possible resize the last picture so it lines up with the text and previous pics.
  • DONE Training - keep.  need to connect link to Getting Access page. 

for Advisors

for Designees

for Faculty

for Students

  • DONE About KSIS - keep - need to have consistent spacing between this page and others.  #6 should be add new address not Change address.
  • DONE Advising - needs to point to the step by step for advising information.  currently tries to go to KSIS.
  • DONE Class Rosters - keep
  • DONE Enrollment - keep
  • DONE Enrollment Requirements - keep
  • DONE Graduation - keep
  • DONE K-State 8 - keep.  we have 2 links from this FAQ area that go to Advisor walkthroughs.  We should remove the links from the student area.
  • DONE Setting User Defaults - Remove.  Students would not need this as staff would.