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FAQs - Class Rosters for Students

  1. Is my SSN used as my Student ID on class rosters?

    No, your Wildcat ID # (or WID), which is found in the upper left-hand area of your Wildcat ID card, is used as your student identifying number on class rosters. This is a 9-digit number that always begins with an "8".

  2. How does my instructor know whether I am taking the class as part of a graduate or undergraduate program, or whether I am enrolled as both a graduate and undergraduate student?

    Your program and plan (major), which includes an identifier of graduate or undergraduate, is listed on the class roster. For example, "BA Undergraduate Degree - Mgmt Information Systems-B", is listed in the Program and Plan column. When you enroll, you select the appropriate "Career" of Graduate or Undergraduate for the class in question.