Stefan Bossmann, Leila Maurmann and Team Awarded $1.3M NSF Instrumentation Grant



Image B is a mouse that has been given 500,000 neural stem cells carrying 40 micrograms of dopamine-stealth coated iron/magnetite nanoparticles through the lateral tail vein 30 hours before the MRI measurement. Accumulation of the nanoparticles in lung melanomas causes a sharp T1-constrast, which is labeled with the three arrows. Image C shows the accumulation of the iron/magnetite nanoparticles in the liver.

A multi-disciplinary team led by Stefan Bossmann has been awarded a $1.3M grant from the NSF Major Research Instrumentation development program. This award is a testament to the quality of Stefan’s research program, Leila Maurmann’s expertise as our NMR facility Director, and to the collaborative efforts of colleagues in the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology, Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The award will be used to acquire a 600 MHz wide-bore NMR spectrometer that will be outfitted with a custom-fabricated second rf generator which will induce hyperthermia in specifically targeted cells.

The instrument will eventually allow real time monitoring of the uptake, distribution and efficacy of magnetic nanoparticles used for hyperthermal cancer treatment in live mice and represents a tremendous upgrade to our research capability. It will also provide for the routine observation of solution phase NMR spectra.

Congratulations, Stefan and Leila - well done!

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