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Educational Resources

Here is a listing of some of the resources available to you here in our department, on campus, or on-line:

Chemistry Help Room (CB 212):
One-on-one help is available to all Chemistry students in the Chemistry Help Room in Chemistry/Biochemistry 212.  A schedule of staff hours will be posted on the Help Room door or you can download it here.  Students also have access to a photocopier in the help room which is available all day.


Free Tutoring:
Free tutoring is available to all enrolled KSU students at the Academic Assistance Center.  For tutoring information see the center's webpage or contact the tutoring center at 201 Leasure Hall, or phone 532-5703.

Scholars assisting Scholars Program (SAS) - Scholars Assisting Scholars is a very focused tutoring program that employs students who were trained on effective tutoring techniques, are paid to attend a specific section of a course, and are serving as a tutoring resource to everyone enrolled in that section of the course.

Information Technology Help - This is where you can get Anti-virus and other free software, help connecting to K-State's Network, read all IT policies, get training in various IT techniques and programs, and generally ask for help with anything related to a computer.

Other On-Campus Resources

Academic Career and Information Center (ACIC)
Advising information  
Career Employment Services 
Counseling Services 
Disability Support Services 
Final exam schedule 
KATS (enroll, view grades, get DARS report, etc.)
K-State Honor System  
K-State undergraduate catalog
Schedule of  courses 
Student Life office 

Study Skills Resources

Academic policies and procedures - K-State policies about your academic record, grades, academic warnings, and more.


Helpful Links

American Chemical Society's Education Page

Interactive Periodic Table  



About Chemistry Site


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NIST Chemistry WebBook


Links for Chemists, a site from the University of Liverpool