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2025 Visionary Plan

Faculty Compensation Committee

Competitive compensation is essential for recruiting and retaining the faculty and staff we need now and in the future. An important step to make progress toward this key outcome in our K-State 2025 Visionary Plan is the development of a multi-year compensation improvement plan with specific targeted goals and strategies. An eight-member Faculty Compensation Committee to propose such a plan for faculty salaries and benefits was appointed by President Schulz in September 2012 after consultation with Faculty Senate leadership. 

The committee was charged to propose a comprehensive plan by December 2012, laying out a path to advance our 2025 goals for competitive faculty compensation. Topics to be addressed included starting salary adjustments, increasing promotion increments, discipline-specific salary adjustments, possible incentives for faculty doing funded research, and "block grant" programs for merit increases. 

Faculty Compensation Task Force Report:
Structuring Faculty Salaries Towards K-State 2025 & Beyond

Read the compiled online comments and suggestions received during the formal comment period.

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June 18, 2013

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January 16, 2013 

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September 18, 2012