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2025 Visionary Plan

Innovation and Inspiration Campaign

If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to 2025@k-state.edu.

Planning initiatives

Learn about the Current and Completed University Initiatives moving us to 2025.

Current initiatives

icon for college/major unit/departmental planning

Aligning College/Major Unit/Departmental Planning

Review guidance and instructions to facilitate college/major unit/departmental planning and alignment with our 2025 visionary plan.

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Budget Modernization Project

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Kansas State University is undertaking a project to modernize its budget model. Our goal is to design a strategic budget model that encourages enrollment growth, incentivizes and aligns with university priorities, energizes innovation, provides greater financial accountability and transparency, unlocks the historical budget, and preserves K-State's land-grant mission.

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Strategic Enrollment Management

In partnership with the Huron Consulting Group, we are charting new directions to enhance enrollment, recruit and retain a talented, diverse student body, and improve overall student success at Kansas State University.

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