K-State 2025 University Initiatives

Learn about the Current and Completed University Initiatives moving us to 2025.

college/major unit/departmental planning

Aligning College/Major Unit/Departmental Planning

Review guidance and instructions to facilitate college/major unit/departmental planning and alignment with our 2025 visionary plan.

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Diversity Planning

Diversity is not only one of the eight “common elements” that underlie our K-State 2025 vision and goals, but it is also a value we embrace as an institution that is critically important to the future of our students, our faculty and staff, and our university community.

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Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Planning

The university-wide planning committee is charged to recommend a strategic action plan addressing sustainability within the context of these areas and K-State 2025 goals.

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University Climate Survey

University Climate Survey

A university climate survey this year will tell us how faculty and staff perceive our K-State climate as fostering a welcoming and inclusive work environment that promotes success for all.

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Visionary Goal

By 2025, Kansas State University will be recognized as one of the nation's Top 50 Public Research Universities.

Thematic Goals

Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Discovery

Undergraduate Educational Experience

Graduate Scholarly Experience

Engagement, Extension, Outreach, and Service

Faculty and Staff

Facilities and Infrastructure



The Visionary Plan

pdfVisionary Plan
(3.4MB PDF)

pdfSummary Visionary Plan
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pdfInternationalization Plan
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pdfSustainability Plan
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College/Major Unit Plans

Annual Progress Report, 2013-2014

pdfProgress Report: PDF
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