Aligning College/Major Unit/Departmental Planning

Realizing the vision of K-State 2025 requires an institutional commitment to planning and holding ourselves accountable at all levels. In September 2011, President Schulz announced an ambitious planning initiative to align College/Major Units and Departmental planning with the K-State 2025 visionary plan as well as to further define University metrics for reporting our progress.

All completed K-State 2025 university, college/major unit, and departmental plans are available below.  Our goal is to have all College/Major Unit plans with associated Departmental plans completed by December 2013. 

Please see the Strategic Action Planning and Alignment Response Chart for the current planning timeline and details for additional units. View the guidance, instructions, and resources to assist in the facilitation of this next level of K-State 2025 planning.

Our Strategic Action Plans

K-State 2025: A Visionary Plan for Kansas State University

Read our university strategic plan describing our institutional aspirations and goals for K-State in 2025.

K-State 2025 Internationalization Strategic Action Plan

Read our Internationalization Strategic Action Plan.

K-State 2025 Sustainability Strategic Action Plan

Read our Sustainability Strategic Action Plan.

K-State 2025 Undergraduate Studies and Student Life Student Success Plans

Read our implementation plan for advancing K-State 2025 Theme II: Undergraduate Educational Experience.

College/Major Unit/Departmental Strategic Action and Alignment Plans

Click on the links below to see the strategic directions of our colleges, major units, and departments.

College of Agriculture/K-State Research and Extension
College of Architecture, Planning and Design
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business Administration
Global Campus
(formerly Continuing Education - DCE, Division of)
College of Education
College of Engineering
Graduate School
College of Human Ecology
K-State Libraries
K-State Olathe
K-State Salina
Staley School of Leadership Studies
Student Life
College of Veterinary Medicine

Related goals

See Our Mission, Vision and Goals.


Next Steps for the Visionary Plan

  • Complete
    visionary plan

    September 2011

  • Draft initial college/major unit alignment plans

    May 2012

  • Review initial plans

    June-August 2012

  • Develop additional university metrics

    September-November 2012

  • Complete college and major units plans

    September 2012-December 2012

  • Develop departmental alignment plans

    January 2013-May 2015