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August 18, 2023

Supporting students with disabilities and the Student Access Center

Submitted by Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson

The Student Access Center is sending out letters of accommodation for the upcoming semester. Letters are sent to faculty and instructors via email, using the name(s) associated with the course in KSIS. As faculty prepare for classes, please note the following: letters of accommodation, the AIM faculty portal and testing accommodations.

Letters of accommodation

Approved accommodations are documented in letters of accommodation. Students are encouraged to request their letters prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure timely notification to faculty. The email will appear as coming from: "K-State — Student Access Center <noreply@bear.accessiblelearning.com> on behalf of…" with the name of the student's access advisor. The subject line includes "[SAC]," the course abbreviation, title and number, followed by "Notification of Letter of Accommodation Fall 2023." The letter contains information about each accommodation, including links to more information as necessary. 

Accommodations should be implemented upon receipt of the letter of accommodation. Requirements may vary between courses; therefore, it is important that faculty and students discuss the accommodations. If a student chooses not to use an accommodation in a course, faculty should document that change in writing/email with the student.

AIM faculty portal

The Faculty AIM Portal is part of the AIM system used by the Student Access Center to disseminate letters of accommodation and allows faculty to view a list of their students who have requested accommodations in their course. The faculty can see all accommodations for each course and individual students’ accommodation letters. AIM uses the K-State single sign-on, so faculty can use their eID and password. More information on the Faculty AIM Portal can be found at Faculty Guide: Accommodations.

Testing accommodations

If students have testing accommodations, their letter will include a link to the Alternative Testing Agreement. Faculty use this form to input instructions on how to proctor their exams. Only one agreement needs to be completed for each section number. After students schedule their exams, faculty use AIM to upload the exams. They can also submit the exams directly to the Student Access Center Testing Center staff through tst@k-state.edu. More information on the process can be found at Student Access Center Testing Center — Faculty Instructions.

The Student Access Center can assist faculty in its shared goal of supporting K-State students. If faculty have questions regarding implementing the accommodation process, call the office at 785-532-6441 or email accesscenter@k-state.edu.