Faculty Guide: Accommodations

As of summer 2020, Student Access Center manages accommodation notification processes electronically through AIM (Accessible Information Management). This online system allows students to request letters of accommodation which are emailed directly to all faculty/instructors listed for each course. There are many times when faculty and students need to have a conversation concerning the particulars of course requirements and how accommodations will be provided. Students are still responsible for contacting faculty to discuss accommodations, however, feel free to reach out to students, if that is your preference.

Faculty AIM Portal

The Faculty AIM Portal is part of the AIM system and is available to faculty to view a list of all students who have requested accommodations for each course and their accommodation letters. To log in, faculty will use their eID and password. Contact Student Access Center with any questions concerning the new system.

SAC Testing Center

The Testing Center utilizes AIM to schedule and track exams. The process is as follows:

  1. Student requests accommodations for a course using the Student AIM Portal. AIM automatically generates an email to all faculty members listed for the course with the letter of accommodation attached.
  2. If testing accommodations are requested, a link to the Alternative Testing Agreement is included. It is important that faculty submit the agreement before a student schedules an exam. If not, a reminder email will be sent to faculty to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement.
  3. The student schedules their exam with the SAC Testing Center through AIM.
  4. SAC testing staff approves the student's request reviewing the parameters set in the Alternative Testing Agreement. Faculty have the ability to verify the exam schedule for each student.
  5. From the left navigation bar in the Faculty Portal, faculty will manage all exam information by selecting Alternative Testing. Faculty will have the option of uploading exams in AIM and may choose to upload one exam for all students in a course section or upload a unique exam file for each student. Uploading is the preferred method for delivering exams to the SAC Testing Center, however, exams can still be emailed to tst@ksu.edu.

For any questions concerning the new system,please email tst@ksu.edu or call 532-6441 and ask for the Testing Center.

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