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SAC Testing Center - Faculty Instructions

The SAC Testing Center utilizes AIM to schedule and track exams. The process is as follows:

  • Student requests accommodations for a course using the Student AIM Portal.
  • AIM automatically generates a letter of accommodation email to all faculty members listed for the course.
  • If testing accommodations are included, a link to the Alternative Testing Agreement is provided in the email. The Alternative Testing Agreement is a form that tells the SAC Testing Center staff important information about how you expect exams to be proctored. Please note, if the Alternative Testing Agreement has already been filled out for another student in the course, the link will not be included.
  • It is important that faculty submit the agreement before a student schedules an exam. If the agreement has not been submitted and a student tries to schedule an exam, a reminder email will be sent to the faculty member to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement. 
  • Many faculty members decide to accommodate students with testing accommodations in the class or a course has no exams. When you log into the AIM Faculty Portal, you can designate that you will accommodate students in the class or the course has no exams. This is an important step in the process, because students will receive a message to contact the instructor with any questions about the exam and they will not be allowed to schedule with the SAC Testing Center.
  • Student schedules an exam with the SAC Testing Center through the Student AIM Portal.
  • SAC testing staff approves the student's request reviewing parameters set in the Alternative Testing Agreement.
  • Faculty have the ability to verify the exam schedule for each student by utilizing the Faculty AIM Portal.
  • From the left navigation bar in the Faculty AIM Portal, faculty manage all exam information by selecting Alternative Testing. Faculty have the option of uploading exams in AIM which is the preferred method or emailing the SAC Testing Center. 
  • Completed exams are delivered to the main department office. 
  • Visual instructions can be found in our PowerPoint step-by-step guide.

For any questions concerning the new system, contact the SAC Testing Center by email: tst@ksu.edu or phone 532-6441 and ask for testing.