SAC Testing Center - Faculty Instructions

The SAC Testing Center utilizes AIM to schedule and track exams.

Faculty AIM Portal

If you have questions at any point during this process, contact the Testing Center by:

The process is as follows:

  1. After students request accommodations for a course using the Student AIM Portal, accommodation letters are sent from AIM to all faculty members listed for a course.
  2. If testing accommodations are included, a link to the Alternative Testing Agreement is provided in the email. The Alternative Testing Agreement is a form that gives the SAC Testing Center staff important information about when and how exams should be administered.
    • Faculty members may accommodate students with testing accommodations, or a course may have no exams. If this is the case, faculty can indicate that using the link and do not need to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement.
    • If the Alternative Testing Agreement has already been completed for another student in the course, the link will not be included in subsequent accommodation letters. The agreement only needs to be completed once per course, regardless of the number students with testing accommodations.
    • To edit the Alternative Testing Agreement after submission, login to the Faculty AIM Portal, and click on “Alternative Testing” in the left-hand menu. In the "List Alternative Testing Agreement..." box, select the course and click “View.” Make any necessary changes and click the button at the bottom of the page to update. You can also contact us about any changes, and we will update the agreement for you.
  3. Students schedule exams with the SAC Testing Center through the Student AIM Portal.
    • It is helpful when faculty submit agreements before students schedule exams. If an agreement has not been submitted and a student schedules an exam, faculty will receive a reminder email to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement.
  4. SAC testing staff approves requests and reviews parameters set by faculty in the Alternative Testing Agreement.
    • Faculty can view scheduled exams through the Faculty AIM Portal.
    • From the left navigation bar in the Faculty AIM Portal, faculty can view other exam information by selecting Alternative Testing.
  5. Faculty can upload exams through the AIM Faculty Portal(preferred), email to, or deliver to Holton Hall 002.
  6. Completed exams are delivered to the main department office or held for pick-up in Holton Hall 002, based on the Alternative Testing Agreement.

Visual instructions can be found in our PowerPoint step-by-step guide.