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K-State Today

November 29, 2022

K-State Salina accepted into 2023 AAC&U Institute on ePortfolios

Submitted by Lisa Shappee

K-State Salina has been selected to participate in the American Association of Colleges and Universities, or AAC&U, 2023 Institute on ePortfolios.

The Institute on ePortfolios provides a yearlong, online engagement opportunity for campus and/or state system teams seeking to actualize an ambitious strategy to broaden student engagement with ePortfolios.

By participating in this institute, the team hopes to facilitate the "internal assessment of existing program performance" as outlined in the K-State Salina 2035 summary of initiatives, while fostering "diversification and alignment of current curricula to industry needs." By collaborating with other institutions of higher learning, K-State Salina team members hope to cultivate lifelong learning opportunities for students.

The team includes Patricia Ackerman, professor of language arts curriculum and instruction; Terri Gaeddert, associate dean for academics; Annie Hoekman, teaching assistant professor, computer systems technology; Eric Shappee, professor of aviation; and Lisa Shappee, director of instructional design and faculty support.