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October 3, 2022

Open enrollment is underway

Submitted by HCS-Benefits

Open enrollment for your benefits elections is underway and runs through Oct. 31. 

As in recent years, 2022 features an active open enrollment, meaning you will need to re-enroll for 2023 benefits even if you do not intend to change coverages. To complete enrollment, access the Membership Administration Portal using your K-State single sign-on credentials. Please be sure to click "Save and Submit" at the end of the online enrollment process, as it will be needed to verify your elections while reviewing the first 2023 paycheck. Employees who are actively enrolled in health coverage and do not complete the enrollment process for plan year 2023 will be defaulted to Plan N with a health reimbursement account. State Employee Health Plan changes for the upcoming year include:

Medical insurance

  • There will be no increase to employee premiums in 2023 regardless of the plan or level of coverage.
  • Plan A deductibles for individual coverage will decrease from $900 to $800 and those covering dependents will see a decrease from $1,800 to $1,600.
  • Plan A primary care office visit copays will reduce from $30 to $20 and specialist copays from $60 to $40.
  • To comply with updated IRS regulations, the first deductible for those covering either a spouse or child(ren) under Plans C and N will change from $2,800 to $3,000. However, employer contributions to health savings accounts and health reimbursement accounts will increase to offset the increase.

Dental insurance

  • Individual dental insurance will be offered at no employee cost and premiums for those covering dependents will decrease accordingly.

HRA/HSA/FSA updates

  • Health savings account contribution limits have increased to $3,850 for individual coverage and $7,750 for those covering dependents. These updated limits apply to contributions made by the employer, employee and HealthQuest reward dollars earned.
  • The state of Kansas has announced two new flexible spending account options: a mass transit FSA and a parking FSA. Neither, however, may be beneficial for most K-State employees since parking costs are already pre-tax payroll deductions. These benefits are available for all State employees and would only generally apply if you pay out-of-pocket for mass transit and/or parking that is not reimbursed or deducted by K-State.
  • Annual flexible spending account contribution limits have been established at $2,850 for health care FSAs and limited-purpose FSAs. Dependent care FSAs will have a $5,000 limit and the parking and mass transit limits are set at $280/month. NueSynergy will remain the vendor for all FSA accounts.

Don't forget, there will be expanded opportunities to engage with your benefits team as well as state and K-State benefits vendors. The in-person 2022 Benefits Fair will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 5, in the Grand Ballroom at the K-State Student Union and will feature a variety of vendors, presentations and enhanced services from Lafene Health Center — separate registration required. There will also be a virtual Benefits Fair on Thursday, Oct. 6, featuring many of the same vendors. Each session will include time for Q&A following the presentations. Resources, including on-demand video content, will also be available on the SEHP website.

Please continue to monitor future editions of K-State Today and your mailboxes for additional open enrollment information throughout the month of October. As always, your benefits team is here to support you. Should you have any questions, please contact us at benefits@k-state.edu