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October 3, 2022

Research project: Investigating threshold concepts in university transition

Submitted by Ryan Naylor

Christy Craft and Ryan Naylor, in the College of Education's special education, counseling and student affairs department, are looking for volunteers to participate in a research project that is investigating how students adjust to higher education so that we can help other students in the future be better supported when they begin university study.

Any staff member involved in student affairs or academic advising can volunteer to participate. Volunteers will be asked to meet with Naylor for an interview of not more than one hour. This interview will ask general questions about your observations of the experiences of college students, to identify key concepts that have to be learned to be successful as a college student.

With your permission, the interview will be audio recorded and notes taken, but if you object to being recorded, you don't have to be. We don't anticipate any risks or discomforts to you from participating in this project beyond inconvenience. Participating or not in this project will have no influence on your education or work at college, and your privacy and confidentiality will be protected to the extent of the law.

To volunteer to participate, or for more details, please contact Naylor at rnaylor@k-state.edu

The project has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board and received approval No. 11316.