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March 28, 2022

An easy way to help your students get ahead

Submitted by Natalie Pfeifer

The Academic Achievement Center, or AAC, offers free tutoring and academic coaching services to all Kansas State students. Many students are afraid to ask for help or are unaware these services are available to them. Promote and utilize AAC resources in your classes and help equip your students for academic success.

Tutoring is available for all students; in fact, 88% of students who met with a tutor report that their grades improved as a result of attending a session. The highly trained peer tutors facilitate the learning process instead of providing answers. Tutoring focuses on the success of the learning process as a whole, not just the end result.

The AAC also offers free Academic Coaching to help students thrive during their time at K-State. Students have an average .5-1.0 GPA increase when they meet with a coach three to four times. Most students meet with an academic coach for support on time management and study skills.

The AAC is here to help students reach their goals. For specific resources for faculty and staff visit k-state.edu/aac/resources/faculty-resources.html.

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