Faculty Resources

Faculty are essential to connecting students to academic success resources since you work so closely with students. You know first hand the triumphs and challenges that K-State students experience. The AAC can provide you with academic success resources and tools to help your students. Learn more about key faculty resources:

Canvas/syllabus statements

Academic support available through the Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center provides tools and resources for students to be academically successful. AAC’s services are open to all Kansas State University students, and students are met with understanding, encouragement, and the resources to generate success now and in the future. The AAC includes: Academic Coaching, Tutoring Services, Scholar Services, and the Office of First-Generation Students.

General Overview of the AAC

Learn what the AAC does and the various resources they offer students including the Office of First-Generation Students, Tutoring Services, Scholar Services, and Academic Coaching.

Run time: 3:45

Presentations or workshops

We are happy to join your classroom and share more about AAC resources or dive deeper into success skills you want students to develop. Visit Presentation Requests to request a presentation or workshop.

Referring a student to Academic Coaching

Faculty and staff may refer any student to Academic Coaching. Typical reasons for a referall include at least one progress report, a need for motivation and/or accountability, and/or indicate difficulty in managing course expectations. Once a referral has been submitted, an Academic Coach will reach out to the student to set up an initial meeting.

Process for referring a student:

    1. Log into Navigate
    2. Search for student and open their profile
    3. Select "Issue an alert" on the right hand side
    4. Select "Academic Coaching Recommended" as the alert reason
    5. Fill in additional comments
    6. Click submit

Tutoring Services

Learn more about Tutoring Services through our tutoring flyer or overview video below.

To set up a tutor for the course(s) you teach, email achievement@ksu.edu .Check the Tutoring Services page to see if tutoring is offered for your course(s).