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February 2, 2021

Race to Waste recycling competition is here

Submitted by Bill Spiegel

recycle symbol

The Race to Waste — formerly Recyclemania — competition began Feb. 1 and will continue through March 27 at Kansas State University.

Items that can be recycled include all plastics, No. 1-7, all paper products, and aluminum and tin cans. Cardboard and glass will be accepted in separate bins where allocated. Please don't put the following material in the blue recycling bins throughout campus or at the recycle center:

1. Hard plastic, such as pipette boxes used in testing. 
2. Hardback books. 
3. Face coverings and masks. 
4. Plastic bags. 

The university has more than 66 outdoor blue recycle bins on university grounds, many inside the buildings and 48 throughout Jardine Apartments. In addition, there are 20 large blue recycling containers at the K-State Recycling Center behind Weber Hall.

Let's keep the drive alive and win the Big 12  competition this year.

Email Bill Spiegel at wspiegel@k-state.edu with any questions.