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September 8, 2020

Updates made to threat management policy

Submitted by Jay Stephens

Updates to K-State's Policies and Procedures manual, Chapter 3015 Threat Management Policy were made effective Sept. 4. The changes were made to clarify standards and practices in light of new Title IX regulations. 

Substantive changes include the following:

  • In Section .040 Investigation and Decision Making Process, reference has been added to the CIRT proceeding and appeal with a link provided to that process.
  • In Section .050 Threat Management/Critical Incident Response Team Members, the new edits clarify who may serve as the acting chair of each of these teams and who may be a member, as needed.
  • In Section .060 Potential Risk Management Measures, the added language makes reference to when threats to health and safety from issues arising from PPM 3010 might necessitate the Threat Management Team or Critical Incident Response Team to consider removal of an individual from university programs or property. The edits also clarify due process in those situations.