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K-State Today

November 1, 2019

KSUnite session: 'Conversation on Religious, Spiritual, and Meaning-Making Climate on Campus'

Submitted by KSUnite Planning Team

According to "Diversity's Promise for Higher Education" by Daryl Smith, originally published in 2009, "Religious identity can develop as part of a curriculum conversation or because of an incident involving campus climate. Religion, especially in today's geopolitical environment and following 9/11, raises concerns about the campus' capacity to provide robust teaching and scholarship of non-Western religions and their role. By encouraging a differentiated look at the variety of identities, a campus is in a better position to engage diversity pluralistically and with greater equity and inclusiveness." 

As part KSUnite: Moving Forward Together on Wednesday, Nov. 6, "Conversation on Religious, Spiritual, and Meaning-Making Climate on Campus" will be presented by Rohan Amare, doctoral candidate, Institute for Environmental Engineering; Linda Gilmore, editor in the communications and agricultural education department; Daniel Ireton, academic services librarian; and Courtney Jane Keith, doctoral student in counseling and student development. 

The intended audience is for all members of the campus community: students, faculty and staff. The session will share information about the ways religious, spiritual, and other meaning-making groups are represented recognized, and appreciated on campus; past and present efforts that are being made to improve acceptance; and outreach, and dialogue for suggestions for the future.

For more information regarding KSUnite, including detailed schedule, speaker biographies and FAQs, visit ksu.edu/KSUnite.