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September 3, 2019

Changes to K-State 8 guidelines

Submitted by Faculty Senate

In June, K-State's Faculty Senate unanimously approved new guidelines for classes with K-State 8 course tags. These changes did not change the tags of any existing K-State courses. Furthermore, the eight categories and descriptions remain the same.  

Briefly, the new guidelines require that a course that has a K-State 8 tag must have the equivalent of at least one credit hour of both content and grading that represent the student learning outcome as defined by the K-State 8 area. The policy also describes the review and appeal process for classes tagged with K-State tags. This policy replaces the existing K-State 8 policy.  

Moving forward, faculty should incorporate these new requirements into any K-State 8 tagged class that they teach. Furthermore, any new proposed courses or changes to existing courses involving K-State 8 tags will be evaluated based upon these new guidelines. View the complete policy.  

Todd Easton, co-chair Academic Affairs Faculty Senate

Donald Von Bergen, co-chair Academic Affairs Faculty Senate