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April 2, 2018

Plant Pathology Seminar to feature Sarah Evanega

Submitted by Roxie Hawkins

Sarah Evanega, Cornell University, will give a Plant Pathology Seminar at 3:45 p.m. April 5 in 1018 Throckmorton Hall. 
Evanega will present "The Alliance for Science: Building alliances, embracing advocacy."
Lecture abstract: In agriculture we face the great challenge of feeding a growing population while at the same time minimizing agriculture’s impact on our warming planet. This unprecedented challenge requires unprecedented support. Yet, the current climate in many countries is one where truths are blurred by fake news, scientific consensuses are selectively upheld, and future funding for science seems uncertain. 
For some time, there has been increasing appreciation for the need to be more effective communicators of science. Now, more than ever we need to build on deficit models of science communication and take on more active roles as science communicators and science advocates.  
In this talk, Evanega will share examples of how communications and advocacy in agricultural science are being employed to meet the mission of increasing global food security, improving gender equity, improving environmental sustainability and raising the quality of life globally.

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