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April 9, 2012

Modern languages professor publishes book

Submitted by Dr. Melinda A. Cro

Melinda Cro, assistant professor of French and the French language program coordinator, has published her first book, "Armas y Letras: la Conquista de Italia (1405-1625)" (Arms and Letters: The Conquest of Italy (1405-1625),  Trans. A. Culbertson Beck, Madrid: Fundacion Universitaria Espanola, 2012.

In this comparative analysis, the author examines the influence of Italian literature on French and Spanish authors during the time of foreign occupation by the Spanish and the French in the peninsula. Culturally, the invaders and conquerors were conquered, analogous to the Romans who, after conquering Greece, were conquered by Greek culture and arts.

Cro's research and teaching interests lie in Early Modern French and Italian literatures with an emphasis in Romance Languages pastoral literature; theater; comparative analysis; metafiction and metatheater; language pedagogy and technology; and French and Italian Cinema. Her recent article, “Ekphrasis and the Feminine in Sannazaro’s 'Arcadia,'” is forthcoming from Romance Notes.