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K-State Today

September 28, 2015

Freshman Academic Progress Reports now due

Submitted by Michael L. Lynch

This is a reminder that faculty may enter their midterm Academic Progress Reports for all freshmen through 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5. These reports give students an early indication as to their performance in your course or course section.

Also, they let the student's academic advisor and academic support professionals know who may be doing unsatisfactory work so they can contact the student and discuss steps the student may take to improve their performance.

Submission of the progress reports is through the KSIS system. Faculty can check to see which of their fall 2015 courses or course sections have first-year students enrolled by going to the KSIS Faculty Center, under My Teaching Schedule. Those courses with first-year students enrolled will have a Midterm Grade Roster icon posted. Select this icon and a report form containing the names of your freshman first-year students will appear. Whether or not you believe you have first-year students in any of your classes, please check.

Following the name of each student, please indicate whether the student is doing satisfactory — grades A–C — or unsatisfactory — grades D–F — work at that time. For those students whose performance-to-date is deemed unsatisfactory, faculty are requested to indicate one or more reasons for this evaluation; at least one reason must be indicated. Please recall that, in addition to exams, quizzes and papers, you may include such factors as class attendance, completion of homework in an accurate and timely fashion, classroom participation, out-of-class preparation, etc. in your assessment of "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" work.

Each of the progress reports for an individual student will be compiled into a Midterm Academic Progress Report. The student will be able to go online and view his or her report.