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Summer at K-State


When do I enroll for summer? 

Enrolling for summer takes place during the same enrollment period for fall semester. You will be assigned a summer enrollment time in KSIS. In your KSIS Student Center, you can see the date and time of your enrollment availability, located on the right side of the page under “Enrollment Dates.” Click on the “details” link for specific information.

How do I know which courses are offered online, on campus, or both?

The Class Search feature in KSIS has several search criteria including the ability to search by Location (Manhattan, Salina, Global Campus, or Salina Continuing Education) and Mode of Instruction (In Person, Distance, etc.). The locations of Global Campus and Salina Continuing Education denote classes that are primarily offered online. These Class Details as well as the Class Meeting room are available to view for each class. For details on searching for classes in KSIS, see Class Search on the KSIS website.

How do I know what the refund dates are for summer courses, in case I need to drop one?

Visit the Summer course schedule. At the top of the page, click on “non-standard drop and refund dates” and scroll down to your course or enter the five digit class number in the Search field. You can also view the drop dates in KSIS.

I’m not a current K-State student. How do I register for summer session classes?  How do I enroll?

You need to apply for admission at K-State, either as a nondegree-seeking student (if you are planning on transferring your courses to another institution) or as a new or transfer student if you intend to remain at K-State to complete a degree. Please visit our Admissions website.

What if I’m a former K-State undergraduate student looking to pick up a course?

You can apply as a returning student (no application fee necessary) through the Admissions website. Once you are readmitted and term-activated for summer (you will receive an email from Admissions), you can enroll in KSIS. View this video for instructions on how to reset your EID password.  

What if I’ll be a K-State freshman in the fall, or I’m a transfer student in the fall?

If you have already applied for fall semester and wish to change your starting semester to summer, you will need to contact the Admissions office and ask that they change your start term to Summer.

I’m located in Manhattan for the summer, but I’m only taking courses online. How can I pay to use the Peters Recreation Complex or Lafene Health Center?

I didn’t pay for a fall or spring parking permit, but would like to have a summer parking pass. How does that work?

You can purchase a parking pass for the summer at a pro-rated rate by visiting Parking Services (located in the southwest corner of the KSU Parking Garage, 17th and Anderson Avenue). Learn more by calling or emailing: 785-532-7275, parking@k-state.edu.

Where may I find information for on-campus housing for summer?

View summer housing information.

I’m a visiting student. How to I obtain my University ID card?

Visit the Campus ID Card Center in the K-State Student Union or contact them at wildcatcard@k-state.edu or 785-532-6399.

Where do I buy my textbooks?

The textbook icon link in KSIS provides full information about the textbook(s) for your class. You may purchase them at the on-campus bookstore, at a local bookstore or online.

Are there any fun things to do on campus during summer session?

Yes! View some of our upcoming summer activities

How long is summer session? Can I still work or have an internship?

Summer has multiple sessions, from two different three-week intersession periods in May and August to a full eight-week session that lasts most of summer. You can see the dates for the upcoming summer on the Summer School website. Many students work or do an internship and take summer courses.

What do I do if I can’t contact my advisor (they’re not available for some reason) to make a course change during summer?

You would contact your college’s dean’s office. The dean’s office has advising resources available for you if your advisor is unavailable. View dean’s office contact information.

What classes are offered online?

See available online classes through the Class Search.

If I take a class somewhere else, does the grade I earn transfer and help my K-State GPA?

No. When you transfer a course to K-State, the GPA earned for that course does not affect your K-State GPA.

What is considered full-time status during summer session?

Student Financial Assistance defines full-time status as 9 hours during summer and half-time status as 5 hours.

How much does a summer session class cost?

View information about the cost of summer classes.

Do I have to pay out-of-state tuition in the summer?

Yes, tuition and fees are figured on the same formula during summer as they are during the fall or spring semesters.

I am an international student. Am I required to enroll for the summer semester?

Enrollment in summer classes is not required unless your initial entry document (I-20 or DS-2019) indicates you are to begin your program in a summer session or the summer session will be your last enrollment at K-State. If this is the case for you, please refer to the chart below to see the minimum enrollment requirements. If it is your final semester, it is possible to enroll in less than the full-time requirement as noted above, but you must have ISSS permission first.

Fully Course of Study

Summer Semester


Minimum of 9 credit hours

Graduate students (with no assistantship)

Minimum of 6 credit hours

Graduate Students
(with assistantship of .4 or .5)

Minimum of 1 credit hour

English Language Program

Minimum of 18 credit hours

NOTE: No more than the equivalent of one online/distance education class (or 3 credits per session) may count toward the "full course of study" requirement. If a student needs only one course to finish the program of study, it cannot be taken through online/distance education. There must be a physical presence requirement for a course in the final semester.

How do I apply for summer financial aid?

If you are interested in applying for summer financial aid, the Office of Student Financial Assistance encourages you to review, complete and submit a Summer Financial Aid Application. This form is generally made available to students at the conclusion of the university’s regularly scheduled spring break. The application together with your pre-enrollment in your summer courses, allows the Office of Student Financial Assistance to establish your eligibility for summer financial assistance.

How many hours should I enroll in to be eligible for summer financial aid?

If a determination has been made by the Office of Student Financial Assistance that you have remaining federal student loan eligibility left from the regular academic year and/or you are a dependent student whose parent may apply for a parent loan, you will need to be enrolled at least on a ½ time basis to receive federal student loan assistance.  Halftime enrollment for the summer term consists of a minimum course load of 5 credit hours for undergraduate students, 3 credit hours for graduate students, and 5 credit hours for veterinary medicine students.

Can I receive financial aid to study abroad?

Yes, depending upon your remaining federal student loan eligibility and/or the eligibility of your parent to borrow a parent loan, you may be able to meet all or a portion of the costs associated with a study abroad experience with financial assistance. If you consider a study abroad experience over the summer, please be sure to indicate this on the Summer Financial Aid application you will be submitting to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

If I take one June class and one July class, when will my aid be released?

A key requirement to receive any form of federal student assistance is that you have established eligibility by starting your course work at the time the Office of Student Financial Assistance authorizes any assistance to be disbursed on your behalf. As noted above, one eligibility requirement for a federal student loan is that a student must be at least ½ time. Before a federal student loan can be authorized for disbursement, however, actual course work will need to have already begun in enough courses so that the student can be counted as ½ time. To illustrate, an undergraduate student is enrolled in a 3 credit hour course that begins and ends in June and a 2 credit hour course that begins the first week of July and ends in early August. While the Office of Student Financial Assistance is allowed to offer a student loan premised on the fact that the student meets the ½ minimum loan requirement of 5 summer credit hours, the office is not allowed to authorize the disbursement of the loan until the student has  begun course work in July on her/his second summer course.

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Summer term

Four-week sessions:

June 10 – July 5, 2019
July 8 – August 2, 2019

Six-week sessions:

May 28 – July 5, 2019
July 8 – August 16, 2019

Eight-week session:

June 10 – August 2, 2019

Summer Intersession

May 20 – June 7, 2019
July 29 – August 16, 2019