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Summer at K-State

2017 Summer Camps

Every summer, K-State hosts summer programs designed to educate and inspire youth in a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular endeavors. Participants have the opportunity to further their education and skills while experiencing life at K-State and making new friends from around the county. We invite you to join us!

Send email to add camps to the list below. This camps listing is updated every spring when new dates, times, and locations are set by the camp coordinators.

Manhattan campus

Academic camps
STEM camps
EXCITE! Summer WorkshopKAWSEJune 7-9Completed grades 8-11
GROW Summer WorkshopKAWSEJune 7-9Completed grades 5-7
Music camps
Summer Choral InstituteK-State ChoirsJune 5-10Sophomores & Juniors
Summer Music CampK-State BandsJune 11-15Grades 5-12
Next leadership and auxiliary campK-State BandsJuly 9-12Grades 9-12
Arts camps
Event   Sponsor/DepartmentDatesAges
ARTSmart Classes: Entomology   Beach Museum of ArtJune 6-8Varies 
ARTSmart Classes: Graphic Design (book making)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 13-15Varies
ARTSmart Classes: Photography   Beach Museum of ArtJune 20-22Varies
ARTSmart Classes: Geology   Beach Museum of ArtJune 27-29Varies
ARTSmart Classes: Theatre (masks)   Beach Museum of ArtJuly 11-13Varies
ARTSmart Classes: Architecture   Beach Museum of ArtJuly 18-20Varies
Young Artists Program: Media Exploration (wet media)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 5Ages 5-8
Young Artists Program: Painting Landscapes (acrylics and watercolors)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 6Ages 8 & up
Young Artists Program: Media Exploration (dry media)   Beach Museum of Art June 12 Ages 5-8
Young Artists Program: Pastel Still Lifes (oil and chalk
   Beach Museum of ArtJune 13Ages 8 & up
Young Artists Program: Abstract Printmaking (linoleum block and collographs)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 19Ages 8 & up
Young Artists Program: Media Exploration  (wet media)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 20 Ages 5-8
Young Artists Program: Drawing Portraits (pencil, prismacolor, and charcoal)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 26 Ages 8 & up 
Young Artists Program: Media Exploration (dry media)   Beach Museum of ArtJune 27Ages 5-8
Hot Weather Fun: Papermaking Workshops   Beach Museum of ArtAugust 2-3 
Athletics camps
Event  Sponsor/DepartmentDatesAges
Wildcat Day Camp
  Bruce Weber BasketballJune 19-22Grades K-6
Powercat Day Camp  Bruce Weber BasketballJune 12-15 Grades 4-9
Father/Son Camp Session I  Bruce Weber BasketballJune 9-10Grades K-6
Father/Son Camp Session II  Bruce Weber BasketballJune 10-11Grades K-6
Overnight Team Camp  Men's BasketballJune 23-24Varsity, JV, and Freshman Teams
QuickStart Camps  Women's TennisTBAAges 5-11
High School Camp  Women's TennisTBAGrades 9-12
Coaches Clinic  FootballApril 7-8Coaches
Kicking Camp  FootballJune 3Grades 9-12 & JC
Kicking Camp II  FootballJune 7Grades 9-12 & JC
Youth Football camp  FootballJune 11Grades 1-8
High School Fundamental Camp  FootballJune 8-9Grades 9-12
Youth Camp  FootballJune 11Grades 1-8
Elite Camp  Women's BasketballJune 15Grades 9-12
Overnight Camp  Women's BasketballJune 5-7Grades 4-8
Day Camp Session I  Women's BasketballJuly 11-14Grades K-3
Day Camp Session II  Women's BasketballJuly 11-14Grades 4-6
Team Camp  Women's BasketballJune 15-17Varsity and JV Teams
Junior Wildcat Camp  BaseballJune 12-14Ages 6-9
Junior Wildcat game camp  BaseballJune 19-21Ages 10-13
All Skills Camp  VolleyballJune 11-13Grades 6-12
All Skills Camp II  VolleyballJuly 9-11Grades 6-12
Junior Wildcats  VolleyballFebruary 25, June 10Grades K-5
Team Camp  VolleyballJuly 11-12Grades 7-12
Elite Camp I  VolleyballJune 11-13Grades 9-12
Elite Camp II  VolleyballJuly 9-11Grades 9-12
K-State Cheer Camp  CheerApril 21Ages 4-12
2017 Powercat Youth Camps-Witchita, KS  Womens SoccerJune 26Ages 4-12, Boys & Girls
2017 Powerboat Winter Elite ID Camp  Womens SoccerFebruary 26Ages 13 and under, Girls
2017 Powercat Youth Camps-Manhattan, KS  Womens SoccerJuly 21Ages4 6-9, Boys & Girls
2017 Powercat Residential Elite College ID and Team Camp  Womens SoccerJuly 18-20Ages 10+, Girls
K-State Wildcat Elite Golf Camp  GolfJune 16-18Ages 12-18, Boys
Wildcat Track & Field Cross Country Camp  Track and FieldTBAAges 10-18
MUSL Women's Clinic  Rec FieldsMay 24 
MUSL Beginners Clinic  Rec FieldsMay 25 
MUSL 2017  Manhattan Ultimate Summer LeagueJune 1Ages 16+
K-State Crossfit Youth Camps  Department of KinesiologyMay 30- July 29Grades 4-8
K-State 2 day Cheerleading Camp  K-State CheerJune 29-30 
K-State 1 day Cheerleading Team Camp  K-State CheerJune 28Jr High/JV Team
K-State Cheerleading Stunt Camp  K-State CheerJune 28 
K-State Cheerleading 2 day Camp Coldwater, Ks  K-State CheerJune 8-9 
4-H Youth Development Camps

Polytechnic campus (Salina)

Polytechnic camps