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Environmental Health and Safety


Environmental Health and Safety Training

It is the responsibility of each college, department and supervisor/PI to ensure that staff and students are provided safety training appropriate for the nature of the KSU activities they engage in.  Some required training is listed here. Additional training may be required by regulation or as an expected standard of care.  For guidance, contact the University Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS) at 532-5856.  

Instructor-Led Training offered through EHS

Enroll for instructor-led courses through HRIS Self Service.  

Required Training

The following instructor-led and online courses must be taken through EHS unless otherwise arranged with EHS. Additional related on-the-job training, specific to your work duties, must also be provided by your department and/or supervisor. 

  • Hazard Communication training is required for anyone using chemicals in the course of their work or research activities.  
  • Hazardous Waste Awareness training is required for anyone that handles or generates a hazardous waste. 
  • Hazardous Waste Awareness Refresher Online: The self paced Hazardous Waste Awareness Online Refresher is for those that have taken the Hazardous Waste Awareness instructor-led course in the past or the Online Hazardous Waste Awareness course within the last year. The refresher course is required to take on an annual basis.
  • Radiation Safety Training (sealed and unsealed) training is required for anyone working with radioisotopes or sealed sources. It is now completed through Vivid online. Contact EHS to register for Vivid online courses.
  • Laser Safety Training is required for class 3B or 4 users. Training is provided online.  Contact EHS to register.
  • Laboratory Safety Training is required for all new staff or newly assigned staff that will work in a laboratory setting.  Training is provided online. Contact EHS to register.  This training is also recommend for existing laboratory staff.
  • Respiratory Protection Training is required for any employee using a respirator at KSU. Other requirements include registration, medical approval, and fit testing. Training is available online. Contact EHS to register.  Only EHS-approved training is acceptable. Contact EHS for information and program approval.

Other training may be required based on work activities and related hazards.  These are instructor-led courses unless otherwise specified.  Contact EHS (2-5856) to arrange. These include, but are not limited to:

  • LockOut/TagOut
  • Fall Protection
  • Blood Borne Pathogens/Universal Precautions (available online through CITI or Vivid)
  • Confined Spaces
  • X-ray Safety (Vivid-online)
  • Asbestos Awareness or 16-Hour Asbestos worker
  • Forklift Safety - Contact EHS to arrange the instructor-led portion of training.
  • Skid Loaders - Online portion available through CITI
  • Electrical Safety, High Voltage Safety, and/or Arc Flash Training
  • Machine Guarding
  • Welding Safety
  • Shipping Hazardous Materials
  • Nanotechnology safety awareness - online through CITI
  • Pesticide Application (permit required) - online through CITI 
  • Aerial Lifts - through Vivid online and in person available
  • Trenching and excavation - required, online portion through Vivid

Special coordination may be needed to arrange these and other specialty training.  Contact your college/department safety representative or EHS to discuss your safety and compliance training needs

Online Training

Online training for a variety of safety and compliance titles (Within this pdf all topics are clickable. Each will take you to an in depth description of the course) is available through prior arrangement with EHS through Vivid Learning Systems. Depending on your college or work activities, these online courses may be required.

Vivid Online Training: Contact EHS to register for Vivid online courses. Once registered you should be able to login with your K-State eID and password on Vivid 
See Vivid LMS for more information.

CITI Online Training: Researchers seeking IBC, IRB, IACUC protocol approval have specific requirements for training (provided through CITI).  Review the University Research Compliance Office requirements.

Hazardous Waste Awareness courses

Initial Hazardous Waste Awareness course  This course is currently available here.  Soon, it will be available through Vivid. This course is required for anyone who handles or generates hazardous waste, including those who work in or are responsible for labs, shops or studios where hazardous waste is generated. Once you take this course you can then take the Hazardous Waste Awareness Refresher course once a year. 

Hazardous Waste Awareness Refresher This self paced Hazardous Waste Awareness Online Refresher is for those that have taken the Initial Hazardous Waste Awareness course within the last year.  This training is available on Vivid. 

Additional Training Resources

Listed below are supplemental resources.  To take the training presentations below, click on the link.  If your college or department requires you to take one or more of these, make sure to take the related quiz or fill out the verification form after completing the training.

General Ergo Training, Office Ergo, and Safe Lifting Training are now on Vivid. Please email safety@ksu.edu with your full name, KSU email, desired course, and the name of the respective department/unit that you belong to.