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Environmental Health and Safety

HSI/Vivid Online Learning Management System (LMS)

The KSU Department of Environmental Health and Safety, College of Agriculture and College of Engineering have collaborated to bring new online safety and compliance training to K-State for a variety of safety and compliance titles (Within this pdf all topics are clickable. Each will take you to an in depth description of the course) is available through prior arrangement with EHS through Vivid Learning Systems. Depending on your college or work activities, these online courses may be required. (see “requesting admin access” if you would like to be an Administrator for your area). Note:  Some courses offered through Vivid may not meet all requirements for KSU or your department. Verify your specific training needs through your college or department leadership.  Additional information about safety and compliance training is available from KSU EHS and the Office of Research Compliance.  CITI is another online training system used by KSU to provide training required for certain research protocols, or other content not available in Vivid.   

Requesting user access (members dashboard)

If you are a new user and need an account within Vivid please fill out and submit the form below.


Logging in (once given access)

Once given access you will be able to login to Vivid by signing in with your K-state eid and password using the following direct link each time: SSO Link, to bookmark this link you have to go into manage or edit bookmarks and copy the direct link into the url spot on the bookmark manager. 

Member Dashboard Instructions

Requesting admin access (admin dashboard)

If you are a safety representative for your department or unit and would like to be an administrator for your department please email safety@ksu.edu to get instructions for the Administrative side of Vivid. Through the Vivid Admin dashboard, administrators can add/remove users and/or courses from their department, check completion records, and deficiencies. 

If you have questions about the courses needed, or if you do not see any courses listed, contact your department/college safety representative or email EHS (safety@ksu.edu). 

If you have technical difficulties or login problems within HSI/Vivid, contact HSI/Vivid customer support:
(800) 447-3177


HSI/Vivid Online Training: Register by filling out and submitting this form for Vivid online course access. Once registered you should be able to login with your K-State eID and password on Vivid 

HSI/Vivid SSO Login (once registered)

HSI OSHA Required Training Frequencies

HSI/Vivid Course List (.pdf)