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Environmental Health and Safety

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Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety exists to support uninterrupted research and learning within a safe and healthy environment. Services include environmental compliance, occupational and research safety, radiation safety, hazardous materials management and response, and fire safety. 

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Current Career Opportunities

Environmental Compliance Specialist

Hazardous Waste Technician


New and Improved EHS Assistant Inventory Now Available

Advisory for COVID-19 N95 Voluntary Use (Appendix D)

2020 EHS Annual Report(.pdf)

The Hazardous Waste Awareness courses are now on Vivid online register here:

Initial Hazardous Waste Awareness training is required for anyone that handles or generates a hazardous waste. 

Hazardous Waste Awareness Refresher training is for those that have taken the Hazardous Waste Awareness instructor-led course in the past or the Online Initial Hazardous Waste Awareness course within the last year. The refresher course is required to take on an annual basis.

Fire Alarm/Sprinkler and Standpipe Annual Testing Schedule

Fire alarm annuals

None scheduled for February.


Sprinkler & Standpipe annuals

Feb 6-10:        
Mosier, Trotter, Coles, Bluemont, ChemBio Chem & storage, Nichols

Feb 13-17:      
Shellenberger, Sheep Meat Goat, Bramlage, Indoor Basketball, Weber, Indoor Practice, Throckmorton

Feb 20-24:      
Beach Art, TDI (Man. Learn Ctr), Ice Hall