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Environmental Health and Safety

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Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety exists to support uninterrupted research and learning within a safe and healthy environment. Services include environmental compliance, occupational and research safety, radiation safety, hazardous materials management and response, and fire safety. 


EHS Annual Report 2017

An online laboratory safety manual is now available. All lab workers should review this document for guidance and rules affecting their work.

Career Opportunity 

Associate Director of Research Safety and Industrial Hygiene 

2020 Annual Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Testing

Johnson Controls is conducting annual fire alarm and/or sprinkler testing in the following buildings. Two inspectors wearing K-State vendor IDs will enter every building designated for testing. 

Proposed schedule:

Jan 13: Hale, Waters
Jan 14: Waters and Waters Annex
Jan 15: Burt, Kedzie
Jan 16: Kedzie, Leasure
Jan 17: Leasure
Jan 19: Hoeflin Stone House
Jan 20: Hoeflin Stone House
Jan 21: Center for Child Dev., Thompson, new soccer stadium (sprinklers)
Jan 22: Thompson, Calvin, Agronomy Education Center, Hale (sprinklers)
Jan 23: Calvin, Dickens
Jan 24: Dickens and Chiller Plant
Jan 26: McCain
Jan 27: McCain, Ward
Jan 28: Ward, Fairchild, Campus Creek
Jan 29: Campus Creek, Ahearn
Jan 30: Ahearn, new soccer (fire alarm)
Jan 31: new soccer (fire alarm)