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Political Science Congratulates Scholarship Winners for 2020-2021

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the political science department awarded more than $20,000 in scholarship funds to its undergraduate and graduate winners. The department also awarded stipends for graduate assistantship to 11 students across three graduate programs.

2020-2021 scholarship recipients:

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 Political Science department announces new Middle East Studies minor - coming Fall 2020

The Middle East Studies minor is a new interdisciplinary program that helps build a student’s knowledge of important geopolitical and cultural forces of the critical region, both on campus and beyond. Housed within the Political Science Department, the minor involves five departments across the university including; Political Science, History, Communication Studies, Philosophy and Modern Languages.  Offering courses ranging from intercultural exchanges, the history of Islamic thought, political Islam, religion and communication in the Middle East and more – this minor gives students a dynamic perspective of a subject that has great global interest.

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Political Science Fall 2020 Course Schedule - NOW LIVE

POLSC Fall 2020

Model United Nations Team Wins Awards at AMUN Conference in Chicago

Model UN 2019K-State's Model United Nations team competed at the 30th American Model UN Conference in Chicago from Nov. 23-26. More than 1,200 students from 77 colleges and universities competed to win for their designated countries.

K-State’s Model UN team, who had chosen to represent Equatorial Guinea, won a Position Paper award for completing policy position papers for every simulated situation at the conference. Two team members, Claire Chaffin (Political Science junior and French minor) and Scout Molder (Political Science/Pre-Law freshman) also won a delegation award for exceptional representation of Equatorial Guinea on the Economic Commission of Africa. This is the first time in almost seven years that Kansas State has won this award.

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Political Science Professor along with Geography and Geospatial Professor Awarded $1 Million Dollar Grant from National Science Foundation 


Two professors from Kansas State University were recently awarded a $1 million National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator Grant to create an open knowledge network with researchers from five other universities that stitches together data from states on public policy and economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Nathaniel Birkhead, associate professor of political science, and Audrey Joslin, assistant professor of geography and geospatial sciences, both in the College of Arts and Sciences, will collaborate with researchers at Rochester University, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Charlotte and North Carolina A&T State University.

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Political Science Professor Receives William L. Stamey Award for Undergraduate Teaching


Ali Stoyan is the 2019 recipient of the William L. Stamey Award for Undergraduate Teaching.

William L. Stamey is a mathematician and served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for 17 years from 1970-1987. In recognition of Stamey's outstanding record in recruiting excellent faculty to Kansas State University and in recognition of the continuing need to foster excellence in teaching and advising, the College of Arts and Sciences established the Stamey Awards.

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Jared Wiesner

 Jared Wiesner

Throughout my legal education and career, the development of critical thinking skills that I underwent in the political science department at K-State has proven indispensable.  Although I learned a great deal about the structure of political systems and our place in the world in Manhattan, it has been the intangible lessons I learned that prove beneficial to this day:  work hard to understand opposing views; put in the effort to have a comprehensive understanding of a problem you face; resist immediate shortcuts during analysis to achieve a better long-term result.

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