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MLANG 800 - Colloquium in Modern Languages: Second Language Pragmatics  13690, MW 3:55 – 5:10pm with Dr. Li Yang   In this course you will:  Learn more in-depth about pragmatics, such as speech act theory and different perspectives on politeness;  Improve your understanding of cross-cultural pragmatics, i.e., how pragmatic and cultural conventions differ across languages;  Learn about how researchers collect authentic data of learners’ pragmatic comprehension and production, analyze the data using quantitative and/or qualitative methods, and apply second language acquisition theories to interpret the data;  Explore how to use different instructional methods and technology to teach pragmatics in foreign language classrooms;  Apply the knowledge to classroom teaching practice;  Improve your academic reading, writing, and presentation skills.

 MLANG 779 Professional Opportunities in Language 16608, MW 2:30-3:45 with Dr. Kathleen Antonioli This course is designed to help graduate students with knowledge of a second language develop skills for using and marketing language experience in professional contexts. Understand the importance of language in professional contexts Create a resumé and a CV that highlight language skills Draft a cover letter that emphasizes language Practice interview and job search skills Improve language skills through using language in professional settings Two five-week professional development opportunities Create a portfolio highlighting skills and language learned during professional opportunities