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Department of Modern Languages

Languages & Programs

No matter what your career goal is, developing multilingual and multicultural skills will help you do it better. K-State students pursuing basic language coursework, minors, and majors in Modern Languages enjoy a sense of community in small, interactive classes led by expert faculty. True beginners are welcome, and they begin building practical communication skills from day one. Students with prior experience are placed in our program according to their skill level, and can apply for free retroactive credit for courses below their initial entry point in our sequence. The Dual Degree option streamlines the requirements for completing a language major and a second major in a college other than Arts and Sciences. Thanks to generous donor support, we are able to award in excess of $25,000 in scholarships each year. We encourage our students to participate in education abroad, and we offer annual faculty-led programs in Germany, Mexico, and Spain.

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Double Major or Dual Degree, what's the difference

Dual degree seeking BA students must fulfill the requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences listed under Additional Requirements of the BA, including the U.S. Multicultural Overlay (starting Fall 2017), and all the requirements in at least one of the three other required areas (Humanities, Social Science, or Natural Science), and half of the distribution requirements in the remaining two areas. The choice of how these requirements will be met will be made with the approval of an advisor within the College of Arts and Sciences.


Students will choose two areas where they will complete only 50% of the requirements out of the following three categories below:

  • 50% of the Humanities category would be two of the following four:

    • One course from Philosophy (3 credits). Philosophy is REQUIRED, but cannot be a Logic course.
    • One course in the Fine Arts (3 credits).
    • One course in Western Heritage (3 credits).
    • One course in Literary or Rhetorical Arts (3 credits).
  • 50% of the Social Science category would be

    • Two courses, 6 credit hours, from two different disciplines.
  • 50% of the Natural Science category would be

    • 7 credit hours minimum, from two disciplines: Any science course with lab, and one other science course from a different discipline.

Minor and Major Information

I've taken a couple language courses before, where should I start?

Entering students who have had previous language experience and who plan to continue language study are required to take a language placement examination before or at the beginning of the first semester of language study. Students wishing to acquire credit for language proficiency gained before coming to K-State should contact the Department of Modern Languages.

Can I receive study abroad credit towards my minor?

Study Abroad courses are also applicable toward the minor, provided that at least two 400/500 level courses for the minor be taken on campus. Students interested in studying abroad should consult with the department regarding applicability of courses taken abroad.

How do I declare or drop a minor in Modern Languages?

Add / Drop a Language Minor

You can add or drop a language minor electronically by using this form. These forms are reviewed once a week and processed on Wednesdays. If you do not see any changes in KSIS or SSC Navigate within a couple of weeks of submission, please contact modlang@ksu.edu.

How do I know if I have fulfilled all of the requirements for my minor or major?

First check for the language you are minoring in (see requirements for each minor), then check your DARS report in KSIS. If you have further questions regarding your minor, please contact Angélique Courbou.

How do I graduate with the minor?

Your minor will only appear on your transcript once you graduate. You will apply for graduation for your minor when you apply for graduation for your major. Simply select "Apply for Graduation" in the dropbox menu next to your minor. Language Minor applications are processed at the end of each semester once the final grades have been posted.

Can I complete my minor after I graduate?

YES. If you complete your undergraduate degree before you can obtain your minor, you can still receive your language minor after you graduate. Simply follow the instructions from the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and enroll in the courses you have left to take.

How do I apply for Retroactive Credit?

Students testing into a higher level and successfully completing the course with a "C" or better, will receive retroactive credit for the preceding course(s) for FREE, on a "take one class/ receive credit for one class" basis, thus completing your language course sequence quicker. Retroactive credit from KSU applies toward any language minor.

You can apply online for *FREE, non-graded retroactive credit* using this form. if you began your language studies at K-State, in courses beyond level-I courses. For each course completed at K-State with a C or better, you may apply to receive retroactive credit for one lower-level course. For example, if you successfully complete Spanish II at K-State, you can receive retroactive credit for Spanish I. You can receive retroactive credit in all languages for levels 1 through 4 (up to 18-20 hours of credit depending on the language), thus completing your language course sequence, your minor or major faster. You can fill out a retroactive credit application form, or in the Modern Languages Office (207 Eisenhower Hall).

These forms are reviewed once a week and processed on Wednesdays. Please be aware that this process may take several weeks, if you do not see any changes in your DARS list within a month of submission, please contact modlang@ksu.edu.

Study Abroad

Our department recommends students study abroad in order to enhance their minor or major. Students are advised to consult with the department regarding the applicability of courses taken abroad to their major. Students interested in preparing for graduate school or for high school teaching should be aware of the corollary courses in linguistics and phonetics. Six hours of history of the country of the student's major language are desirable. The department sponsors study abroad programs in France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. In addition, students may choose to participate in other programs, such as the International Student Exchange Program, or Community Service Programs. For more information about study abroad opportunity, please check our study abroad page.

Language Placement

Questions about language placement? Minoring or majoring in a language? 

Students testing into a higher level and successfully completing the course with a "C" or better, will receive retroactive credit for the preceding course for FREE, on a "take one class/ receive credit for one class" basis, thus completing your language course sequence quicker.


The department offers scholarships to undergraduate majors and double majors for study at K-State or study abroad programs. For details, contact the head of the Department of Modern Languages.