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Language Placement & Program Information

Programs & Course Descriptions @ a glance

  • Arabic (Middle East Studies minor):
    • Increase your knowledge of this critical region on campus and beyond while making a valuable addition to your degree. The Middle East Studies minor is housed in the Department of Political Science and involves five departments across the campus including; Political Science, History, Communication Studies, Philosophy, and Modern Languages. Check our Arabic courses descriptions
  • Chinese (minor):
    • Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Nearly 1.3 billion people speak Chinese as their first language. It is the official language of the People's Republic of China, and also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The Chinese language program holds Language Partner Activity every year to promote meaningful communication between American and Chinese students and to encourage interchanges between the two language and cultures. Check the Chinese minor for details, and our Chinese courses descriptions.
  • Classical Studies (minor):
    • One of two major Western classical languages, the Latin language, along with the associated Roman culture, provide the basis for much of the cultural, religious, and linguistic traditions that shape the way we live even today. Coming to know the Roman language and culture can help you to better understand how our modern American world works—and how, sometimes, it doesn't. Moreover, by learning Latin and discussing literature, you will develop your skills at critical thinking, reading, writing, and self-expression. Check our Classical Studies minor for details, and our Classical Studies courses descriptions
  • French (minor, major, graduate studies):
    • Did you know that French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, with over 200 million global speakers? Our immersive program offers extensive practice in spoken and written French as well as opportunities to study a range of cultural and artistic movements. Check our French undergraduate and graduate opportunities and our French courses descriptions
  • German (minor, majorgraduate studies)


  • International and Areas Studies (secondary major):
    • The international studies program gives K-State students the opportunity to combine languages and demonstrate international understanding and skills across a wide variety of subjects. Shape your own secondary major--take courses that most interest you. Take ownership over a final project that you design. Show graduate schools and employers that you have the skills and knowledge to work with diverse groups in international settings. Check the International and Areas Studies  page for details.
  • Japanese (minor):
    • The Japanese Language Program at K-State offers Beginner to Advance level courses in Japanese. Japanese classes at K-State focus to develop a learner's oral language proficiency, written language proficiency, and cultural understanding of the Japanese style of communication. Japanese can help you have more options in the job market, connect you globally, give you direct access to cutting-edge technology, and expose you to fun and thoughtful ways to live life. Check our Japanese minor for details, and our Japanese courses descriptions
  • Spanish (minor, majorgraduate studies):
    • Did you know that over 500 million people speak Spanish around the world? The U.S. ranks #2 in the world for Spanish speakers behind Mexico, and it is projected that, by 2050, one in three people will speak Spanish (including bilinguals English/Spanish) in the U.S.  Our immersive program offers extensive practice in spoken and written Spanish as well as opportunities to study a range of literary and cultural studieslanguage for the professions, linguistics, and translation.Check our Spanish undergraduate and graduate opportunities and our Spanish courses descriptions
  • TEFL (certificate, graduate studies):
    • intended for aspiring teachers of English for non-native speakers, as well as for practicing teachers who would like to enhance their skills and credentials. Students will be better prepared to teach English in a wide range of contexts, both abroad and domestically, or to pursue a graduate degree in TEFL or another field within applied linguistics. Check our TEFL opportunities here.
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