Mandatory Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students enrolled at Kansas State University, regardless of their course load.

Every international student on a J or F visa is automatically enrolled in our health insurance plan. No action is required from the student to enroll in the health insurance plan offered by the University.

Upon registering for courses each semester, all international students on F and J visas will be automatically enrolled for health insurance coverage with United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). The enrollment fee for this health insurance will be automatically assessed to each international student’s tuition bill.

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FAQ Sponsored dependednts

For questions and concerns please contact:

Helen Robson, International Scholar Coordinator
(785) 532-6448

Resources for international students

Learn more about health insurance and important health topics through the following links:

Informational videos on the following topics as well as other important topics can be found at

  • What are deductibles, coinsurancd and copays?
  • What is an EOB?
  • How to request an ID card?
  • How to find a Provider and Cost Estimator
  • How to check claims status
  • How to Create My Account

U.S. healthcare Mental Health Awareness

Video credit to International Student Insurance, an Envisage International Company. Additional details found here. Please note, this is not the Kansas Board of Regents selected company.