Faculty and research areas

Timothy Durrett, Ph.D.

Timothy Durrett

Professor and
Director of Graduate Studies

Biochemistry of triacylglycerol biosynthesis. Structure and function of membrane bound acyltransferases. Genetically modifying the physical properties of seed oils for industrial and biofuel applications.

Dr. Durrett's research video

Brian Geisbrecht, Ph.D.

Brian Geisbrecht

University Distinguished Professor

Innate Immunity; Molecular Basis of Infectious Diseases and Host-Pathogen Interactions; Structural Biology and Molecular Recognition

Dr. Geisbrecht's research video

Erika Geisbrecht, Ph.D.

Erika Geisbrecht


Formation and maintenance of muscle and heart tissue; biochemistry and molecular genetics of Drosophila; and cell signaling in development.

Dr. Geisbrecht's lab

Dr. Geisbrecht's research video

Shijiao Huang, Ph.D.

Shijiao Huang

Assistant Professor

My scientific goal is to understand the mechanisms of aging and to develop clinically relevant drugs to delay aging and enhance human health and longevity.

Dr. Huang's lab

Michael Kanost, Ph.D.

Michael Kanost

University Distinguished Professor

Insect hemolymph proteins: biochemistry and molecular biology. Structure and function of serine proteinases, proteinase inhibitors, and antimicrobial response proteins from insect hemolymph.

Dr. Kanost's lab

Dr. Kanost's research video

Phillip Klebba, Ph.D.

Phillip E. Klebba

University Distinguished Professor

Iron acquisition by active transport through the cell envelopes of bacteria; Immunological approaches to bacterial pathogenesis; Biophysical analyses of bacterial membrane transport in living cells

Dr. Klebba's lab

Dr. Klebba's research video

Om Prakash, Ph.D.

Om Prakash

Professor and
Graduate Admissions Chair

Structural characterization and molecular recognition using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Computer Aided Molecular Design (CAMD).

NMR lab

Anna Zolkiewska, Ph.D.

Anna Zolkiewska


Molecular mechanisms of human disease; Triple negative breast cancer; Tumor immune microenvironment; ADAM metalloproteases

Michal Zolkiewski, Ph.D.

Michal Zolkiewski

Professor and
Department Head

Protein structure and function, protein folding and aggregation, molecular chaperones and cellular stress.

Dr. Zolkiewski's research video

Research Faculty
Neal Dittmer, Ph.D.

Neal Dittmer

Research Assistant Professor

Insect biochemistry and molecular biology; insect cuticle synthesis and sclerotization; insect multicopper oxidases


Maureen Gorman, Ph.D.

Maureen Gorman

Research Associate Professor

Insect biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics; mechanisms of iron metabolism in insects; function of insect multicopper oxidases; insect innate immunity.

Adjunct Faculty
Saurav Misra, Ph.D.

Saurav Misra

Adjunct Associate Professor

Intracellular Protein Quality Control. Ubiquitination Mechanisms.
Structural Biology and Biophysical Methods.

Pinakin Sukthankar, Ph.D.

Pinakin Sukthankar

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Synthesis and applications of bio-inspired nanomaterials, Drug Delivery & Gene therapeutics, Biomolecular self-assembly

Ancillary Faculty
Sherry D Fleming, Ph.D.

Sherry D Fleming


Focus on the complement system and other innate immune molecules. Determining the damaging aspects of the innate immune response in multiple models of tissue injury.

Dr. Fleming's Lab

Jeremy Schmit, Ph.D.

Jeremy Schmit

Associate Professor

Theoretical Soft Condensed Matter and Biological Physics

Dr. Schmit's Lab

Dr. Ruth Welti

Ruth Welti

University Distinguished Professor

Structure and function of cell membranes; Mass-spectrometry-based lipid analysis.

Dr. Welti's Lab

Emeritus Faculty
Lawrence Davis, Ph.D.

Lawrence Davis

Professor Emeritus

Nitrogen fixation mutants, structure-function relationships, associating macromolecules; environmental metabolic processes, bioremediation; science education.

Karl Kramer, Ph.D.

Karl Kramer

Adjunct Professor Emeritus

Insect biochemistry, cuticle sclerotization, molting, control, and metabolism.

Ramaswamy Krishnamoorthi, Ph.D.

Ramaswamy Krishnamoorthi

Associate Professor Emeritus

Structural Biology; NMR studies of protein structure, dynamics, and stability in relation to function; serine proteinases and their protein inhibitors; protein domains involved in signal transduction (plant phospholipase D domains; insect glucan-binding proteins).

S. Muthukrishnan, Ph.D.

Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Characterization and manipulation of expression of defense genes to enhance plant resistance to fungal and insect pests

Tom Roche, Ph.D.

Tom Roche

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Structure, function and regulation of mammalian pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Dolores Takemoto, Ph.D.

Dolores Takemoto

Professor Emeritus

Biochemistry of proteins in the retina and lens of the eye, the mechanism of cell growth control and repair during diabetes, and identification of antioxidants in foods which are responsible for anticancer activity.

John Tomich, Ph.D.

John Tomich

Professor Emeritus

Self-assembling Amphipathic peptides.

Dr. Tomich's research video

In Memoriam
Gerald Reeck, Ph.D.

Gerald Reeck


Proteins and enzymes of aphid saliva and of stored product insect pests; biochemistry and molecular genetics of Armet (MANF), both human and insect; and cereal proteins and inhibitors.