Dolores J. Takemoto, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

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B.S. 1971, Ball State University
M.S. 1973, Colorado State University
Ph.D. 1979, University of Southern California

Areas of specialty

  • Biochemistry of proteins in retina and lens of the eye
  • Mechanism of cell growth control and repair during diabetes
  • Identification of antioxidants in foods which are responsible for anticancer activity

My laboratory studies the role of protein kinase C isoforms in control of gap junctions and in repair during diabetes. Diabetes results in a loss of protein kinase C gamma from both lens and retina, resulting in changes in gap junction control. This contributes to damage seen during diabetic cataract and retinopathy. My laboratory is also studying the role of food antioxidants which contribute to protection from cancer and from damage during diabetes.

Selected publications

Akoyev, V. and Takemoto, D. (2006) ZO-1 is required for Protein kinase C gamma-driven disassembly of conexin 43. Cellular Signalling, in press.

Lin, D., Barnett, M., Lobell, S., Madgwick, D., Willard, L., Zampighi, G., and Takemoto, D. (2006) PKCﻻ knockout mouse lenses are more susceptible to oxidative stress damage. J. Exp. Biol. 209:4371-4378.

Lin, D., Barnett, M., Grauer, L., Robben, J., Jewell, A., Takemoto, L., and Takemoto, D. (2005) Expression of superoxide dismutase in whole lens prevents cataract formation. Mol. Vis. 11:853-858.

Lin, D. and Takemoto, D. (2005) Oxidative activation of protein kinase Cﻻ through the C1B domain. J. Biol. Chem. 280:13682-13693.

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