Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan, Ph.D.
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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B.S. 1963, Madras University
M.S. 1965, Madras University
Ph.D. 1970, Indian Institute of Science

Areas of specialty

  • Characterization of enzymes and genes involved in chitin metabolism and targeting them for insect control
  • Enhancing disease and insect resistance of plants by genetic engineering

The main focus of our laboratory is the identification of all genes involved in the biosynthesis, organization and degradation of chitin in insects. We have identified more than 60 genes of chitin metabolism in the genome of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum by bioinformatics search of the insect's genme. We are currently utilizing RNA interference to elucidate the function of each of these genes in collaboration with Drs. Karl Kramer, Richard Beeman and Yasuyuki Arakane (Chonnam University), Bernard Moussian (University of Tubingen) and Hans Merzendorfer (University of Osnabrueck). We are also studying the role of laccases and other phenoloxidases in cuticle tanning in collaboration with Dr. Michael Kanost and Dr. Karl J. Kramer. We are also studying the role of neuropeptide hormones in insect development in collaboration with Dr. Yoonseong Park of the Entomology Department, KSU.

Our other interests include: Identification and characterization of genes involved in plant defense against microbial pathogens; Plant transformation protocols for introduction of defense genes into crop plants; and bioassays of transgenic crop plants (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean) for resistance to fungi and insect pests.

Selected publications

Agrawal, S., Kelkenberg, M., Begum, K., Lea, S., Williams, CE., Kramer, KJ., Park, Y., Muthukrishnan, S., and Merzendorfer, M. (2014) Two essential peritrophic matrix proteins mediate matrix barrier functions in the insect midgut. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 49:24-34

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Jasrapuria S, Specht CA, Kramer KJ, Beeman RW, Muthukrishnan S (2012) Gene Families of Cuticular Proteins Analogous to Peritrophins (CPAPs) in Tribolium castaneum Have Diverse Functions. PLoS ONE, 7(11): e49844. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0049844

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