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Kansas State University
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Connect with K-State through a virtual visit

Connect with K-State from the comfort of your home through a virtual visit! You'll be able to build a customized schedule allowing you to:

  • Visit with your admissions representative.
  • Chat with representatives from your academic college(s) of interest. (And if you aren't sure which academic college your program(s) of interest are located within, we've got you covered with our program finder.)

Getting ready for your virtual visit

We will host your virtual visit using Zoom, a web-based video conferencing tool.

  • For the best visit experience, we recommend joining by desktop, laptop, or mobile app on your phone or tablet, as we have some great things to show you via screen share!
  • Sign up for a free Zoom account using your full name and the email address you plan to use (or already did use!) to sign up for a virtual visit or university admission. Zoom has a local, desktop client and a mobile app option available.
  • Learn how Zoom video conferencing works across your device options (i.e. mobile, tablet, or laptop).

Schedule your virtual K-State visit

Get started by choosing your virtual visit date below!