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K-State Today

January 20, 2012

College savings plan presentation Feb. 9

By Gina Lowe

Whether you want to advance your own education or help fund a family member’s, Learning Quest is a smart solution to a common investment challenge.

Jennifer Hatch, client relationship consultant for American Century Investments, will be presenting an informational session on from 10-11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 9, in Room 212 of the K-State Student Union.

The Kansas Learning Quest Education Savings Program is established by the state of Kansas and administered by the treasurer of the state of Kansas. American Century Investment Company is the program manager for employee investments. These investment plans, sometimes called 529 plans, offer tax-deferred earnings growth and potentially reduced taxes on withdrawals. Contributions are made on an after-tax basis for the benefit of named beneficiaries.

Stephanie Harvey, assistant director for the Division of Human Resources, will also discuss K-State’s dependent/spouse tuition grant program.

You may register in one of two ways:

    *  Through HRIS Self Enrollment, or

    *  Email to training@k-state.edu. Please include your name, employee ID number, course title and session number, Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program (WTD150).

If you have questions, please contact training@k-state.edu or 532-6277.